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Jim Halterman has published part one of a new survey profile of several working TV showrunners aimed at finding out what their experience is with studios in terms of including LGBT stories and characters in their work.

“QueerFest”, the queer pride event of Russia, opened in St. Petersburg with a bang. Over 160 people made it, despite the last minute change of venues, attacks by provocateurs, and insults by Russian anti-LGBT activists.

A documentary subject shares what it was like to be out in the 50s.

Great interview in Huffington Post Latino Voices by Braden Goyette with Latina and bisexual author Daisy Hernández about her new memoir, "A Cup of Water Under My Bed."

Trans advocate Brynn Tannehill interviewed parents of transgender children and unveiled similar patterns among the families.

On Tuesday, the transgender teenager known as Jane Doe, who was imprisoned by order of the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) in May without criminal charges against her, briefly escaped from custody at a juvenile center for delinquent boys before being found by police hours later.

On October 17, Emmy-nominated actress and transgender advocate Laverne Cox will premiere a simulcast of the new documentary Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word on MTV and Logo TV with a one hour Trans Forum following.