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NBA Star Joins His Two Moms To Support Colorado's Civil Unions Bill


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NBA star Kenneth Faried has joined One Colorado to speak out in support of civil unions legislation for same-sex couples in the state. Faried, who plays for the Denver Nuggets, sat down to make a video with his two moms, Waudda and Carol, and explain why he is supporting equality for all LGBT families. Waudda and Carol were married almost six years ago in New Jersey.

In the video, Faried speaks about his love for his two moms, and how Carol has taken care of Waudda, who was diagnosed with Lupus. Speaking about her relationship with Waudda, Carol says, "We had our ups, we had our downs...but our love for each other has always been strong. It's still steady, even to this day, eleven years later."

Colorado's civil unions bill has been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and is expected to move onto the Senate Appropriations Committee. You can watch Kenneth Faried's full video for One Colorado below.

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