Religion News Summary: Presidential Inauguration Prayers

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The presidential inauguration went forward without Pastor Louie Giglio. Instead, Rev. Luis Leon included “gay and straight” in his benediction, and Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson of the Metropolitan Community Church read scripture at the Inaugural Interfaith Prayer Breakfast. Others wonder the politics of praying.

After Giglio, Presidential Inauguration Includes LGBT Pastor

A new documentary, “God Loves Uganda” sheds lights on the connection between US evangelical leaders and the “kill the gays” bill in Uganda. Meanwhile, two country music singers, Carrie Underwood and Chely Wright were featured for their pro-LGBT work. A progressive Catholic denomination ordained a transgender priest in Minneapolis, while openly gay former governor of New Jersey, Jim McGreevey, has given up his quest for ordination.

Guest Post: Do We Need a Gay Church?

Many Faith Leaders are at Creating Change, the Conference on LGBT Equality, including the United Church of Christ, and Faisal Alam, an outspoken Muslim LGBT advocate. Meanwhile, faith leaders are speaking out for LGBT equality in North Dakota, Rhode Island, Colorado, and Kentucky.




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