All-star HIV and AIDS awareness PSA set to begin airing across the nation this month

Watch the latest in GLAAD's series of PSAs in partnership with The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF), set to begin airing this month.

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Daniel Franzese, host of the #glaadgala SF, takes a stand against HIV and AIDS

Daniel Franzese, actor and activist, partnered with GLAAD and The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, helps in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

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New AIDS United initiative set to target HIV stigma in the U.S. South

New initiative seeks to combat HIV and AIDS stigma where it is often the harshest: the U.S. South.

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February 7, 2015

#KnowBetterDoBetter for National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Today, February 7, 2015, the nation will observe National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. This year’s NBHAAD theme, “I Am My Brother’s/Sister’s Keeper: Fight HIV/AIDS” challenges everybody to work toward eliminating health disparities by ramping up HIV prevention efforts.

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January 27, 2015

"We Shall Not Be Removed" sparks discussion about HIV/AIDS among black gay and bisexual men

As a part of its policy and advocacy mission, on February 3 2015 at 1 P.M. EST AIDS United is specifically bringing ally communities together to discuss the disproportionate impact HIV/AIDS has on black gay and bisexual men of color.

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World AIDS Day 2014 -- Read the President's Proclamation

The Presidential Proclamation -- World AIDS Day 2014 provides a brief overview of what the Administration has done nationally and internationally to fight the disease.

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World AIDS Day: ways to participate

Today marks the twenty-sixth annual observation of World AIDS Day. Find out about some of the events happening nationally, and add your own below!

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AFA Issues Analyst pushes egregious HIV/AIDS myths

All too often, the AFA puts their personal opinions either right beside or, more typically, highly above all research and knowledge in order to promote whatever agenda they want to push.

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Study finds youth's priorities in LGBT movement differ along racial lines

White, African American, and Latino young people have different priorities for the LGBT movement, according to a new report released by the Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago.

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