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Wells Fargo Survey Shows Need For Knowledge On Same-Sex Finance Issues Among Lesbian And Gay Investors

A recent survey by Wells Fargo has shown that while a majority of lesbian and gay investors feel confident about their financial futures, many are still unaware of the tax burden placed upon same-sex couples because their marraiges are not recognized.

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A Virginia Athletic Club Apologizes For Anti-Gay Bias, Announces Inclusive Policy

The Virginia-based Carilion Clinic, parent company of the Roanoke Athletic Club, has resolved to change its policies in 2013 and welcome LGBT families.

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LOOK: 13 Maine Newlywed Couples Describe Each Other in One Word

When marriage equality went into effect on December 29 in Maine, asked 13 newlywed same-sex couples to describe each other with one word. See what they came up with!

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GLAAD Applauds Media Coverage of Proposition 8 Ruling

GLAAD looks at the importance of the media telling the stories of people directly impacted by bans on marriage equality, and the impact those stories have on support for equality.
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