10 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Logo Sign for Your Business

10 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Logo Sign for Your Business

Making informed judgments is crucial, especially if they have an impact on how you present your company to the public.

Any firm, but especially tiny ones, might suffer financially from the improper branding sign. Fortunately, the following advice will assist you in learning everything you ought to know prior to purchasing a logo sign for your company.

Sign design versus logo design

Be aware of your shopping goals. Companies that design logos operate in an entirely different industry from those that make signs, and they are unable to assist you in developing a unique logo. This means that before looking around for a sign company, you will need to have your logo and branding defined.

Price Range

Set a budget before you start looking for possible shops, as you should with anything. However, if you want a good brand sign, be ready to invest several thousand dollars. Your sign will be made for indoor usage, simple, and tiny on the low end. As your budget grows, you can include extras like LED lighting, unique paint treatments, and more!

100% Unique

Due to the fact that each sign is a completely unique creation, most people are unaware of how expensive logo signs are. There has never been a sign built with your logo and your specs before! This indicates that in this instance, the advantages of mass production do not hold true.

Different Signs are Used for Different Purposes

It’s a good thing that there are several logo signs for various uses. What do you intend to accomplish with your sign? Will moving outside bring in more customers? Something a little flashier might be the best option for you in this situation. Will it enter inside? The quality of the items and services you offer will then be communicated by something with layers, texture, and a really high-end finish.

Be Wary of Renderings

While some logo sign firms would wait to start work until a deposit has been paid, many will offer free digital renderings in advance of purchase. If money is required, refrain from moving further until you have requested to see a portfolio of prior work and digital renderings to get a sense of what you may anticipate from them.


The majority of logo sign companies do not participate in the process of obtaining appropriate permits. This implies that it is your responsibility to conduct the necessary study in advance and advise the logo sign firm of any design specifications that might be necessary for your order due to permit requirements. Unsure about how to obtain a permit? Everything you need to know will be available from your municipality.


Few logo sign businesses offer this service. If they do, it will come at an extra cost that, depending on your design, could add up. For instance, you’ll need to engage an electrician to attach a sign with LED lighting to a power source. It’s crucial to plan ahead for installation so that you can include it in your budget.


Your sign will eventually need upkeep, just like everything else. Depending on the material and whether it is inside or outside, this will change. Given that your choice of materials for your sign will affect the long-term expenditures, you must take this into account. Will your sign require new bulbs? Cleaning? Will the colors deteriorate with time from sunlight and weather exposure? Before beginning any project including a logo sign, the math must be done.

The Importance of Location

“Location, location, location!”The location of your sign is just as crucial as its content. Make sure the audience you wish to reach can see it.

Design Elements to Bear in Mind

Pay attention to design elements such as contrast, spacing, font readability, and size to create a visually appealing and effective logo sign.

Contrast: Consider the color combinations that work well. There are clashing colors and complementary colors. To increase their visibility, make sure your letters don’t match the surface of the object. Clear communication will help your brand stand out.

Spacing: Make sure your letters are perfectly spaced, and check them again beforehand. You don’t want your letters to be awkwardly wrapped or to run off the edge. Additionally, request a paper template in advance.

Font: Your sign’s font should be readable. For best reading, use straightforward typefaces.

Size: Prior to ordering lettering for a logo sign, always measure the area where the sign will be placed. The amount of empty space surrounding the letters should be proportionate.


When considering the purchase of a logo sign for your company, it’s crucial to keep these ten factors in mind. The right logo sign can significantly impact your brand’s visibility and identity. Remember that ShieldCo customized metal signs can offer unique, high-quality options for your branding needs. Whether it’s the design, budget, uniqueness, significance, or even the practical aspects like permits, installation, and maintenance, careful planning and attention to detail will ensure that your logo sign effectively communicates your message to your target audience. With the right design elements, location, and size, your logo sign can become a powerful tool in building your brand’s reputation and recognition in the market.

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