3 Easy Steps to Start your own WordPress Blog

WordPress Blog

You came to the right place if what you are looking for is like creating a blog using WordPress CMS.

This is an understandable guide in which you can easily create the blog that you wanted to make and that you thought was very difficult to achieve.

With this guide, you will learn to create your blog with 5 very simple steps that will take you very little time, so you can dedicate yourself to what interests you most, the creativity of the content with which you will enrich it.

Here, you will find everything you need to know to start a blog and get the most out of it, a tutorial can be done step by step made for new bloggers.

Are you ready to start?

How to create a blog (and earn money) in 3 easy steps

  • Pick Up a Profitable Niche
  • Choose the name of your blog
  • Buy fast and stable WordPress Hosting and make it online!

Believe me, this will be easy, and this guide will teach you step by step. In about ten minutes from now, you will have a new blog. Even more, WordPress itself has Free Themes worth RS 6000.

Now, let’s go deeper into the first step of how to create a blog for beginners.

1. Pick Up a Profitable Niche

There are many market niches within which you can define the theme for your blog, for example:

  • Recipes
  • sports
  • Gossip and shows
  • Finance
  • Interior decoration
  • Parties and social events
  • Marketing
  • Health & Wellness
  • Physical training

These are very generic niches, that’s why you must go further if you want to find your place in the network. For example. If your blog is about food, maybe you can specialize in vegetarian food or natural juice recipes and offer courses to prepare delicious but healthy recipes.

If you are a person who loves social events, you may see the possibility of creating a wedding blog and offering services as an organizer of theme weddings that adapt to different budgets.

The first thing you will do will be a brainstorm. You are going to turn off all the distractions, take paper and pen and start creating a list of possible topics that you can and would like to address in your epic blog.

2. Choose the name of your blog

The second thing you should do is choose a name for your blog, in addition to the hosting you will need to keep it online.

Make sure that your domain name has something to do with your niche. Also, it is advisable for you to have .com domain among others.

3. Buy a Good Web Hosting

Normally, the web hosting market is an extremely competitive low-cost market in which the vast majority of providers compete for price with very aggressive offers.

That makes them rush their resources to throw prices, whether small or large brands. A consequence of this, unfortunately, the practice of overselling is very common (similar to “overbooking” in other sectors).

A good number of this type of web hosting services have suffered them first hand. I dedicate myself professionally to create and work with websites and I have worked with many hostings. So, you might prefer that I directly recommend which hosting to choose, without going into all the technical details of the “why” and how to choose a good hosting.

The cheap price hosting that has given me the best results on my websites have been HostingRaja. It is the one that specifically uses this blog.

I value them for their good performance (speed, safety, etc.) and good technical support. In fact, if you see comparisons of his, etc., you will verify that they are suppliers with a very good reputation and that is no accident.

Among the most aggressive alternatives in price, currently 55% festive discount. I strongly HostingRaja. It is clearly a step below the quality of the previous ones, but it is still a “decent” hosting in terms of quality.

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