3 Ways To Keep Your Spine Healthy And Flexible After A Car Accident Injury


You’ve recovered from your back injury after a car accident. You are now back at the office. You’ve resumed your daily activities, and your back pain is gone! Our team at the accident clinic in West Palm Beach are happy for you and wish you good health. 

Keep Your Spine Happy And Healthy

Our experienced chiropractors at the accident treatment center over the years have been working very closely with car accident victims and back pains. One of the common complaints they have observed with several victims of car crashes is that after a certain period of time they again begin to feel discomfort and pain in their backs.

There could be two reasons for this. One, that a new injury has occurred and the pains are a result of that. Or two that the auto accident victims have not been taking adequate care of their backs.

Yes, what you’re thinking is right. Your injury may have been cured, but the spinal column that supports your back goes through continuous wear and tear. After your injury when your back or spine has healed it is important you take proper precautions and care of it. Failure to do so can see the pain return or new problems can take birth.

To ensure your spine remains happy and healthy, we’ve shared below 3 ways of how you can take care of your spinal column.

1. Rest Your Spine While Sleeping

While you’re catching your 7-8 hours of sleep it’s important that your spine also gets complete rest. The structures of your spinal column should feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a good night’s sleep. Use your mattress and pillows to help your spine.

Ensure you choose a mattress that provides good support and aids the spine in any sleeping position. To keep your spine naturally aligned, it is best to choose a firm or a medium to firm mattress. A soft mattress only makes the spine sag, and after some time could cause your spine to lose its natural alignment.

Along with a good mattress it is important to support your lower back and knees with pillows. If you sleep mostly on your back, it helps to place a small pillow beneath your knees as a support for your lower back. This reduces the pressure on your lower spine and keeps it relaxed while you get some quality shut eye.

If you sleep on your side it is best to place a pillow between your knees. This keeps your hip balanced and also some pressure on the spine is reduced. Several people also opt for a neck pillow to support their cervical spine.

Go for what suits you best. If you’re not sure at first, experiment with some pillows in different positions. Find a comfortable sleeping position that also supports your spine well.

2. Exercise Your Core

If your abs and back muscles are not strong enough they will not be able to provide appropriate support to your spine. This creates a pressure area and results in back pain, especially of the lower back.

One way to avoid this is by exercising your core muscles which are located in your lower back and abdominal area. Targeted exercises to strengthen your abs and tone your back muscles are really helpful for a healthy spine.

But before you begin any exercise, always seek the advice of your chiropractor or physical therapist. They will guide you to work on only those exercises that help your back and are suitable for your condition. Doing exercises without checking with your health professional can do more harm than good.

Shoes play an important role while you exercise. They provide support to your lower back and spine. With a good supportive base your body is also able to remain in proper alignment which benefits your spine and its natural curvature.

One good way to know if you are wearing the proper shoes is by checking if your heel sits snugly against the back of your shoe. An overly tight shoe can cause unnecessary pressure and create support problems. Invest in a good pair of exercise or walking shoes.

3. Adopt Good And Healthy Ergonomics

With a majority of us working at our desks all day long and nowadays working from home due to the COVID pandemic, we tend to neglect our sitting postures. For a pain-free and relaxed spine it is important to practice good ergonomics. Limiting your total sitting time also helps.

Long continuous periods of sitting lead to immense pressure on your lower spine. This is because the intervertebral discs in your lower back are under more pressure while sitting than standing. Extended periods of sitting can stress those lumbar discs and cause pain.

It is common to see people slouching and leaning forward while working on their desktops or laptops. This too creates a lot of pressure on the lower spine.

Whenever possible, get out of that chair and take a short walk or stretch a bit. You could alternate between sitting and standing while working. A standup desk helps. Invest in a good working chair so you have a good sitting posture with your feet relaxed and flat on the ground.

For your spine to remain healthy it needs to move. When you move, the movement leads to your spine receiving healthy nutrients that nurture and protect it. When you sit for long hours at a stretch you minimize movement of your spine and prevent the useful nutrients to reach and nourish it.

While the above will take care of your overall back health, it is also important to visit your chiropractor from time to time. Chiropractors are experts at treating and managing car accident-related injuries.

Whiplash and back injuries are common after a car crash. Getting yourself checked by a chiropractor immediately after a car accident will not only prevent your back injury from worsening but also help you receive the injury compensation that you deserve. Any delay can affect both.

Our chiropractors are ready to help you maintain a happy and healthy spine. You can call 305-389-9040 at our accident clinic in West Palm Beach to schedule an appointment or to speak to our chiropractic experts.

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