4 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Use Every Day

4 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Use Every Day

If you use a Mac, you probably use a few key shortcuts. Some of the more common ones include Command-N, Command-Space, Control-Command-Space, and Esc. These shortcuts are useful in a wide variety of applications.


Command-N is a shortcut for opening a new window in many popular applications. For example, it opens a new email in Mail, a new text message in iMessage, and a new note in Notes. You can also use it to create an event in Calendar.

To open an alias, hold down Option-Command while dragging an item to make it appear as an alias. You can also click the disclosure triangle to open all folders in the selected folder. Lastly, you can use the Go menu to see a list of commonly-used folders.


The Command-Space on Mac keyboard shortcuts offer a variety of useful features that will streamline your workflow. You can use this key combination to cycle through the open applications, copy content, or perform other operations. In addition to copying and pasting, this key combination will help you navigate between web pages. You can even use it to access additional applications and to conduct research. Fortunately, most major web browsers are compatible with these shortcuts.

The Command-Space on Mac keyboard shortcut lets you quickly switch windows. If you often change between multiple tabs, this will allow you to switch between tabs and applications without clicking the mouse. Moreover, the shortcut also lets you change the color and size of windows. It is particularly handy when you need to change the size of a window quickly.


Mac keyboard shortcuts are a great way to make life easier. Many of these commands can replace mouse, trackpad, and other input devices. Learn these shortcuts now, and you’ll be able to use them in no time! These keys will make your work and life much easier!

Control-Command-Space – To switch between windows, press Control-Command-Space. This shortcut will open a new window in the current application. This shortcut also works to reload the Software Update page.


One of the most useful shortcuts on your Mac is the space bar. By pressing it, you can immediately search for a file or application by typing its name. It also lets you search through iMessages, bookmarks, and full-text files on your hard drive. You can also use the space bar to open apps that aren’t currently in your dock. In addition, you can shut down any running application immediately by pressing Q.

You can also use the Esc key to close the Start menu, pull-down menus, and context menus. Using these shortcuts can help you navigate Windows and Mac programs more easily. You can also open applications with context menus by right-clicking them or hitting the menu key on your keyboard. Although this key isn’t built into newer Mac keyboards, it is still an important shortcut for your Mac.

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