4 Tips for You to Land in an Administrative Assistant Job

4 Tips for You to Land in an Administrative Assistant Job

The City of Sydney, located in New South Wales, Australia, is considered the most modern city. Likewise, Sydney is also the country’s prominent economic hub and is home to many small to large companies. Sydney also has a high employment rate. However, the pandemic of 2020 has significantly influenced the city’s unemployment rate, which peaked at 7.5 per cent in July. Nevertheless, there are still many jobs that you can apply for if you are looking for work.

If you are looking to get hired, you’ll find a lot of advertisements for administration jobs in Sydney. Depending on the job recruitment website you look at, you will see many administrative assistant jobs being offered. And if you want to get hired, you need to prepare yourself for the interview. So, here are some tips to help you land an administrative assistant job:

  1. Join New Education Programs 

Your educational qualification will help you land a good job. Studies show that the employment rate for job applicants having completed secondary education is 69 per cent while those with university-level education are 88 per cent. Even though there are many companies that do not require further education than a high school degree, company owners will look for evidence of motivation and competencies, which you can only get from studying. Even if you do not intend to finish a college degree, joining other courses which help you develop your communication and office skills will go a long way in impressing your would-be employers. If you are planning to apply for an administrative position in an industry-specific field, you should enrol in a course that specialises in your field of choice.

  1. Apply for an Internship or Offer to Be a Volunteer

One great way of getting the job you want is through applying for an internship in the company you want to join. If the company is not looking for an intern, you can volunteer in helping them out. Company owners will rarely deny free labour. Use your time as an intern or volunteer to showcase your skills. If the company is impressed with your internship, then they may offer to retain you as their employee. You can check out websites that advertise for administration jobs in Sydney to see if they also have a list of possible internship programs.

  1. Refine Your Resume

Revamp your resume to target specific jobs. If you aim to get an administrative assistant position, it is best if your resume contains specific sets of required skills for your target position. Also, remember to include both your technical skills and your “soft skills”. Soft skills are the non-technical skills you possess to help you become successful in your chosen field of work. These soft skills include interpersonal skills, communicating skills, time management, empathy, and listening skills, to name a few. Job recruiters and interviewers will check to see if you have the necessary soft skills to assess whether you will be an asset to their company or not.

  1. Check Your Social Media Presence

More often than not, HR managers in charge of recruitment will look at your social media accounts to see if there are any incriminating situations that you were part of which will affect their company’s brand or image. Therefore, it is important to check if your social media accounts have any information that will make you appear irresponsible or unworthy to be an employee at the company you want to work for.

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