4 Ways an Unclean Home Can Negatively Affect Your Health

4 Ways an Unclean Home Can Negatively Affect Your Health

There are many ways that an unclean, untidy home can impact negatively on both your mental and physical health, and in some instances, take a heavy toll on an individual. With the potential to ruin your productivity, relationships and overall sense of wellbeing, a dirty home can be a serious cause for concern. 

Maybe you’re struggling to keep up with the housework, or don’t believe that your messy, dirty home is an issue? Below are 4 ways that having an unclean home can negatively affect your health, and if you recognize any of the signs in yourself, it could be time to seek help from a professional cleaning company:

  1. High stress levels

Research has shown that individuals with a dirty, untidy home, are more likely 

to suffer from both depression and fatigue, as a result ofhigh levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Unlike those living in a clean and tidy environment, someoneliving in a dirty house typically struggles to bring their cortisol levels down. As a result, they feel perpetually anxious and depressed, and it can also be the cause of many chronic diseases. 

  1. An unhealthy diet

While you may not realise it, if your home – and in particular, your kitchen – is cluttered and dirty, you’re far less likely to feel like cooking fresh, healthy meals, and are more likely to order fast food and choose unhealthy alternatives. The high stress levels induced by living in such an environment may also compel you to choose greasy, carb-rich comfort foods to cope, and even to overeat. 

  1. Respiratory problems

We all know that dust can aggravate any number of allergies, not least asthma and other respiratory conditions, and so it stands to reason that a dirty home will not help anyone living with such a condition. But it’s not only dust that can impact your respiratory health; many dirty homes are damp, too, and become havens for mold and bacteria to breed in. This can have a serious impact on respiratory health if left untreated, as mold spores and airborne bacteria can get into your lungs and lower your immunity, further increasing your exposure to diseases. 

  1. Safety concerns

If a home is really untidy and cluttered, it’s not uncommon for piles of clothes, books and other items to become a tripping hazard, not to mention the fact that many such items are highly flammable substances. 

A simple way to get your health back on track, both from a mental and physical standpoint, is to hire a professional maid service. Their service will ensure that your home is a healthy, happy environment for you to live in, and if you’re struggling with your health due to a dirty home, don’t hesitate to call up a local company and try them out.


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