5 Creative Ideas to Build A Successful Exhibition Stand

Build A Successful Exhibition Stand

Exhibitions are a great way to launch new products and services and create a solid brand image for any business. It is for this reason that exhibitions are still a hugely popular platform for promoting any business and helping it to establish a strong foothold in the industry.

The key to success for any business participating in an exhibition is to leave a memorable impression upon the visitors so that they can come back to you time and again. The best thing about the trade shows or the exhibitions is that you get to interact with the people face to face which is much more impactful.

This assists in building a much more powerful business relationships which are bound to create more conversions for your business.

Irrespective of how high-quality your product or service is, if your exhibition stand is not organised in a planned way from the beginning then there are less chances of getting the desired results from the exhibition.

To help you achieve success with your exhibition participation, here some steps are brought forth. Just take a look.

• Make the Exhibition Exclusive– You should keep it in mind that originality always stands out. That is why even though best practice reviews, mood boards, exciting images and list of upcoming tech updates are all quite effective, it is always recommended that you start a project with a cleaner state. Think about the exclusive story that your exhibition is going to portray and how you can engage the audience in the similar way. As the internet is the hub for anything and everything you need, it can be quite tempting to copy and paste ideas or images. It is quite difficult to emerge with the right content and the right stories for engaging the audience and so you should allot enough time and come up with solid ideas prior to designing your stand.

• Create the Right Exhibition Goals- You should identify the reasons for participating in the exhibition. This process is going to assist you to design your stand in the right way so that you can convey your message appropriately. You should keep the exhibition goals in mind at the time of designing the goals. Remember that no matter how attractive the stand is, if you are not able to communicate the message there will be no point for your exhibition. Hence you must design the stand according to the goals. The design should be able to showcase the organisation’s values, image and product or service capabilities in a comprehensive way.

• Know the Probable Customers– You should be able to know the audience so that you can design the stand as per the taste of the potential customers. If you create a fantabulous stand which will attract trade show audience who have no interest in your product or service and leave the stand without purchasing anything, there will be no gain for you. So design after keeping in mind your audience.

• Opt for Both Physical and Digital Ambience and Media– You should set aside a large amount of production money for budget allocation to the media. The interactive and traditional media can offer great depth to the various subjects of exhibition. Not only that, you will also get chances of trans media storytelling through these that can augment the audience outreach by expansion of the exhibition in the social media and web sphere apart from creating potential new partnerships. So you should always allocate budget for this.

• Arrange for Proper Messages and Giveaways– At the time of arranging giveaways for exhibitions, you should understand that it is all about the brand and what will assist in generating leads. There is hardly any point in giving away something for free or go for a feature that does not reflect on the message that the brand wants to bring forth or assist in collecting valuable prospects or contacts. So keep in mind the below points –

a) Go for giveaways that include some sort of interactivity or brand discovery for the audience
b) Try the cleverly branded bags
c) Go for Competition Cards for avoiding the waste-of-time. The prize can be one of the products or services that you offer. This way you can ensure that anyone who enters remains interested.
d) Imbibe messages through the gifts or take-aways that make people think.

Apart from the above you should also ensure that you have proper décor and seating arrangements, for which you can try chair hire, so that your clients get more reasons to spend more time at your stand.

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