5 Ways to Make the Most Out Your Drive-Up Storage Unit

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What is a drive-up storage? A question that none of us might know much about. As the name suggests, drive up storage is pretty easily accessible, not necessarily compromising on other features. So, if you have some stuff overflowing from the limited space of your house, it’s time to look for some features of a drive up storage unit. It’s about choosing the right location that fits all your requirements.

Let’s go through some points to make the most out of your drive-up local self-storage units. Remember, not every feature can appeal to everyone, so pick the ones that do.

Items to Store in a Drive-up Storage Unit

Not every item is meant to be stored in self-storage units. Some of them are sacred, some are frequently used, and some need regular supervision. So, if you choose a drive up storage unit, store items that are less susceptible to extremities. That doesn’t mean that it’s not safe, but it’s more inclined towards accessibility. For example, you might not use one vehicle at your home, and it needs to be protected from rain and snow. It doesn’t require regular supervision and can withstand extreme weather conditions (to an extent).

If you want other items to be stored, opt for a storage box to cover them up. For that, take a look at some Packing Tips.

Some Safety Features to Consider

As mentioned above, drive up storage units are more inclined towards accessibility. That doesn’t mean that it has to compromise on safety. So, some safety features include 24-hour CCTV surveillance, a security guard, enclosed areas, and only a little exposure to extreme weather conditions. No criminal can enter the storage area if it is well guarded.

Moreover, in most drive-up local storage units, the area is protected by perimeter fencing. No unauthorized person can snug into that locked gate area.

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Get a Convenient Location

Drive-up storage units can assist you with the accessibility of your stuff. So, it was only those locations that are convenient enough to approach. For example, if any storage unit is within 3 to 4 mile radius of your home or office, it can be considered as the right one. Some local storage units near you have spread their legs across different states. So, most probably, you won’t face any issues in finding a convenient location.

Protect Your Private Information

Always make sure that your private information does not leak out even to the storage unit owner. If the security guard asks for that information, don’t choose that space. However, only an authorized person who goes for the inspection of your stuff can be informed about it. This situation arises only in a few cases. One of them is when you store precious things in there.

Flexible Renting Terms

Choose a location that offers flexible leasing terms for their indoor storage unit. For example, payment plans can differ from a monthly, annual, or even weekly basis. Some of them also offer daily payment if you want custom storage. The combination of security, flexibility, size of the unit, etc. will determine the final cost. So, only after you know what the storage unit will cost you, sign the written document. Yes, you have to give your signature to enter into that contract. It acts as evidence for other legal purposes.

Remember, any storage facility can be classified into different categories. So, any indoor storage facility can convert itself into a drive-up storage unit if it offers the features as mentioned above.

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