5 Ways Your Relationship Blossoms From Mindful Meditation

5 Ways Your Relationship Blossoms From Mindful Meditation

Mindfulness meditation may sound like an overly complicated activity brought on by a buzzword, but the truth is it couldn’t be simpler! Find a quiet spot where you can sit, undisturbed, and be alone with your thoughts. If you do yoga, you can definitely incorporate your stretching into your meditation, but it isn’t necessary.

Once you’re alone with your thoughts, focus on whatever it is in your life you want to improve. You may focus on the lesson you learned in your latest marriage course online or relationship therapy session given by your marriage therapist. Perhaps you want to focus on how you can improve the way you communicate or react to your spouse.

Meditating on such topics will give you deeper insight into how your personal qualities are affecting your relationship. You can also work through them and develop a plan for self-improvement during your meditations.

Your relationship should make you happier than you’ve ever been. But that doesn’t mean a marriage won’t need a little tweaking every once and a while. That’s why we’re looking at 5 ways you can improve your relationship through both mindful meditations and taking a marriage course online.

1. Why you should meditate as a couple

If you are practicing mindful meditation – that’s great! You will definitely find new ways to center yourself and focus on the best qualities you can bring into your relationship. But how much better would your marriage be if you and your spouse practiced mindful meditation as a couple?

Not only would this count as a bonding session. Apart from meditation, you can also opt for the services of couple counseling Sacramento with expert consultants and counselors like like “Empathi” that can help you better understand each other’s feelings, and prepare yourself for the worst times that happens in any normal or healthy relationship, both before and after marriage.

You can meditate by finding a quiet space with your partner where you can face each other, close your eyes, hold hands, and let your minds focus. You may also choose to maintain eye-contact during your meditation to heighten your sexual chemistry and emotional intimacy. Building on these qualities are sure to improve your marriage.

2. Things you can meditate about

As mentioned in the onset, there are many different things you can meditate over that will help you strengthen your marriage.

While it’s good to meditate throughout the day or to be mindful while in a conversation with your spouse, it can also be beneficial to think about what you want to meditate on in advance. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Personal qualities you would like to change/improve
  • Bad habits you could break to better your relationship
  • Reminisce on your favorite marital memories
  • Focus on a problem at hand and think of the best ways to solve it without letting your emotions get the better of you
  • Lessons learned from a marriage course online
  • Meditate on scriptures or your favorite quotes about marriage
  • Loving-kindness
  • Relaxation meditation to lower stress
  • Breath awareness meditation (match your breath to your spouses for complete unification)
  • Focus on future goals
  • Being grateful and appreciative of the things in your life
  • Prayerful meditation

3. Become more empathetic

Regularly practicing mindfulness may be responsible for connecting your intellectual brain (prefrontal cortex) with your emotional brain (the amygdala). This helps you learn to process and understand your own emotions on a deeper level.

The more you understand your own feelings, the easier it will be to empathize with your spouse’s.

When you take time to meditate on your spouse’s thoughts, feelings, and desires, you become more in-tune with what it takes to make your partner happy.

By taking a marriage course online, couples can continue to strengthen their compassion for one another. When you have compassion for your spouse it means that you have a deep awareness of and sympathy for their feelings. Not only do you have empathy, but your fellow feeling will move you to want to actively help your partner.

4. Reduce stress with mindfulness

The British Psychological Society Research Digest found that eight weeks of mindfulness training has proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

Stress can have a negative impact on your mood as well as your mental and physical health. It can cause a dip in your sex life, which could lead to emotional distance and marital dissatisfaction. It can also interfere with your sleep, cause stomach problems, and make you more irritable than necessary.

When you practice mindful meditation, you banish the stress that is creeping into your marriage. The result is a happier, calmer version of yourself.

As a centered and happy person, you will be more likely to spread the joy around in your relationship. It will also make you more approachable and easier to communicate with.

5. Have more mindful reactions

Don’t you hate overreacting to things? Your spouse says something to irritate you, or they catch you in the wrong mood, and suddenly you’ve said something you wish you hadn’t.

It’s a sad truth, but it’s much easier to say hurtful things to someone we love then it is to be mean to a complete stranger. This may be because our loving spouse is around us more often than others, meaning they are more likely to be the target of our frustrations. Or, it may be because we know our partner loves us and will not abandon us if we lash out.

Whatever the reason, we all do and say things to our partner that we wish we could take back.

By practicing mindful meditation, you will learn to curb your anger and banish over-reactions for good.

Why? Because being mindful often leads to rethinking your steps and practicing patience. Instead of overreacting the moment you feel annoyed, you take a moment to stop, think, breathe, and reassess the situation.

By taking a marriage course online, either solo or as a couple, you will learn to deepen your understanding of yourself and your relationship. By practicing mindfulness meditation, you and your partner can learn to be more patient with one another, have calmer speech, and reduce stress in your marriage.

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