6 Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Second Career Program

6 factors to consider before choosing a second career program

Canada is popular for its quality education and employment schemes. In its unique initiative, the Government of the Ontario Province in Canada launched a scheme that helps unemployed people to get jobs. Choosing a second career is stressful and difficult for a lot of people, especially those on a long break from their professions. But pursuing a second career program can help you in getting back on your feet. If you are planning to choose a second career program, this blog will help you learn every important detail about it.

What is the second career program?

The second career program is a measure taken by the Government of Ontario. It partially funds the cost of targeted educational courses that can be pursued by eligible citizens or permanent residents. Under this scheme, an aspirant will get a job listed under the National Occupation Classification in Canada.

This program boosts employment for those who are unemployed or have taken time off their career for a valid cause. The best part of the initiative is that the selected applicants do not have to repay the amount of financial assistance to the Ontario government.

Under this program, you can apply for all the professional courses that are in high demand. This program helps you to develop relevant skills and improve career prospects in your preferred industry. The courses approved by the second career program provide you with specific technical expertise in industry-relevant domains.

6 factors to consider before choosing a second career program

1. Eligibility criteria:

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in the province of Ontario or are unemployed or have been laid off, then you are eligible to apply for a second career program. Individuals working temporarily to cover expenses can also apply for this program. However, their working hours should not exceed 19 hours per week. In addition, you may need to show documents relevant to your employment history and the duration of employment, among others.

2. Kind of jobs:

You can hope to find a decent paying job in the domain in which you have been selected under this program. It will also allow you to build a professional network that will help you in hunting jobs. This program also provides placement assistance as a part of the course modules.

3. Fund expectancy:

You will be asked to specify the estimated costs of career training while applying to this program. The program will foot the bills for tuition, books, transportation, childcare, and basic living allowance, based on your profile and gross household income.

4. Programs covered:

Various programs are covered under the second career initiative. A few of these are diploma in business management, diploma in business management co-op, diploma in data analytics co-op, etc.

5. Second career program limitations:

This program does not cover the costs of funding beyond the end of the academic year, funding over the maximum limit of CAD 28,000, school supplies, among others.

6. Applying process:

You can contact an employment services agency near you to apply for this program. You can also contact an Employment Ontario Counsellor to help you to finalize an agency.

Give your career one more chance to excel with a second career program from a reputed business school in Canada.

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