6 Law Firm Website Design Errors That Are Affecting Your Practice

law firm web design

Did you create your law firm’s website a few months back but are now feeling that it is a bad investment? Then there are some serious shortcomings in your interface that need to be addressed immediately. Attorneys are unaware that law firm website design errors can have a serious detrimental effect on their practice. Legal interfaces are different in nature from usual business websites. They need to have some essential components in order to be effective. Websites are the backbone of all online marketing for law firms. They need to be strong enough to sustain the campaign and help lawyers achieve their objectives. Here is a list of some website design mistakes that all attorneys must avoid.

1. Missing Prominent Display Of Contact information 

This is not a mistake but a cardinal sin that lawyers must not commit ever. Failing to display contact information prominently on all pages is never going to be helpful. You must ensure that some necessary details like the telephone number and the call to action or link to the contact form are included on every page. The best way is to create an always visible header panel that contains all the data. This will help people who are looking for a way to get in touch with your firm. Another tip is to make the phone number clickable so that anyone browsing the website on a mobile device can dial the number easily.

2. Failing To Create A Mobile-friendly Website

Mobile devices are the chief drivers of internet traffic in today’s world. It is essential that your website is aligned for such users. In case, your interface has been crafted only for desktop users, it will not be displayed perfectly on gadgets with smaller screens. Users will have to constantly use pinching actions to view different sections. This can be quite irritating for visitors who will mark your interface as one with bad user experience. It will result in poor traffic and will also affect your search engine rankings. Responsive techniques must be used in the creation of legal interfaces so that they are easily accessible to all users. 

3. No Calls To Action Will Result In Poor Conversions

Once people arrive on a website, they need to be guided so that they can take the conversion action. A call to action plays a key role in telling people what they should do next on an interface. One of the biggest law firm website design errors is the failure to include relevant CTAs on the different pages. Identify the conversion action you want your audience to take. Then create CTA buttons with a clear message and make sure they are prominently visible on a page. The button should be easily clickable on a mobile device.  

4. Not Providing Content In Various Formats

Relying only on text-based content is not going to be enough to satisfy the modern-day audience. People today are consuming material in a variety of formats. They are viewing more videos than they are reading articles. Marketers are using images to display statistics and explain complex topics. If your law firm’s interface has only text-based material, then you must add more versatile content to it. Include short videos on topics that are of interest to your target audience. Be innovative and use clips to introduce your team to people. You can also record client testimonials in this manner. Such testimonials will seem much more dependable rather than feedback in simple text.

5. Using An Inefficient Navigation Plan  

You have created valuable content and in all kinds of different formats but still, your website is seeing a high bounce rate. One reason for this can be an inefficient navigation scheme on your interface. In case, the links to important sections are not visible easily, then people will find it difficult to move across your interface. Many of them will leave the website out of frustration, in favor of another option. Make sure to create a well-structured and simple navigation plan that guides users smoothly across the website. Every practice area in which your firm offers help must have its own separate page. The links to all these locations must be included in the header and footer. Once people start finding what they were looking for easily, your website will see high engagement.

6. Having An Unclear SEO Plan

How will the target audience visit you if they are unaware of your existence? Search engines have become our primary resource when we need to find a solution. People looking for legal assistance use search engines to find law firms and attorneys. You need to have a proper plan to optimize your website for the search engines. Identify suitable keywords, optimize all page elements, and create valuable content to improve your search engine results rankings.


Law firm website design errors can prevent you from exploring the full potential of the digital space. These mistakes will hamper your efforts to boost your online presence and win more clients for your firm. Remove these anomalies as soon as possible to enjoy a fruitful virtual existence.

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