6 Things To Keep In Mind While Booking A Wedding Venue

wedding venue

Wedding is a lifetime event and everybody wants this day to be the most special day ever. As we spend endless hours in dreaming and planning about this day, we want everything to happen smoothly. More than just the execution part we also want to organize the wedding at the best place, with the very best ambience to back the beauty of the place. As a wedding venue is a place where the big day takes place and you and your significant other will start the happy journey of love. Friends, family and the guests accommodate in this venue to witness you tie the auspicious knot in this very wedding venue. So, to sum it up, a wedding venue is very special and holds a lot of importance to the wedding.

Yes, you guessed it right. Today, we are here to advise you with the venue booking. We want you to book a venue which is not only well-maintained like the top wedding venues in Kolkatabut also a good place to organize the wedding. But you will have to keep these six things in mind before booking the venue; with these easy steps, you can easily book a venue without any mistakes.

  1. Guest List And Head Count

The first thing you must do is prepare a proper guest list. Wondering why? Well, one of the most important things that come into play is the number of people attending the wedding. It decides how big or how small wedding venue you want to book because nobody would like to book a wedding venue bigger than required. Why pay extra if you can just pay for what you need and require? So, be very specific about the head count and do it properly, as it is a very important factor.

  1. Budget And Price Range

The next thing to keep in mind is the budget for venue. Only a strongly defined budget can help you book this venue with the utmost ease as hiring this service can be a very expensive task. And you wouldn’t want to incur any loss in future without any reason, so plan the budget in and out. The best thing would be to define it in a way that you have funds ready for the unforeseen expenses as well because this can help you avoid any unwanted expenses.

  1. Location 

One more thing that plays a very vital role is the location of the wedding venue. Location can determine if you are organizing the wedding at a good place or not. If you book a wedding venue far away from the railway station, airport, bus station or metro station then it is just a waste of money. As your relatives and friends will have to reach your venue from far places and if they can’t find the venue in a prime location then what is the use?

  1. Pick References

After finalizing the guest list and deciding upon a suitable price range and location for the wedding venue. You must start looking for venues which have been hired by people before and they have experienced the service themselves. First-Hand experience is very important as they can actually tell you how cooperative the venue authorities are. And it can help you with the trust part as well.

  1. Available Packages

Even though you might have a humongous budget with a deep vision of how to book the venue, but we would still ask you to talk about this to the venue owner. A lot of times there are some packages available that are very beneficial for the person hiring the service and why miss out on some profit? Moreover, a lot of times they provide extra services with these packages. So, if you are getting the decoration free with the package then you should definitely buy it and go for the respective vendor.

  1. Restrictions And Extra Services

Last but not the least on this list is the restrictions and extra services that you should inquire from the wedding vendor. You must ask if there are any restrictions or not, from the vendor’s side. A lot of times the vendors restrict the drinking of alcohol and non-vegetarian food on the venue. So you must confirm it beforehand so that you don’t face any problem at the last moment. Moreover, the next point is to discuss if they provide any extra services, like the staff or a proper guest house. It becomes helpful when the venue has a guesthouse because it can help you to accommodate the relatives and friends without that much expenses. And if this guest house is backed up by a supportive staff then it becomes very convenient as they know the venue better than anybody else.

Hope these six points can help you decide upon a good wedding venue effortlessly!

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