7 Benefits of Fingerprint Scanning Security

7 Benefits of Fingerprint Scanning Security

Digitization and connectivity have become a part of this era. This evolution in technology also affects the authentication of identity. Advancement of biometrics has replaced traditional methods like ID cards and documents. Fingerprint scanning is a popular technology. It is a portable, inexpensive and easy to use means of authentication. Both private and government organizations use it for user verification. Different biometric methods such as retina/iris scan and vein recognition can make the user a little conscious. But fingerprint scanning is very user-friendly.

Have a Look at 7 Benefits of Finger Scanning:

1. Two Fingers Cannot Be Same:

Patterns formed by dermal ridges results in the formation of fingerprints. It takes shape during fetal development. You can find these lines on palms, fingers, toes and soles. The ridge pattern is unique for every individual. Even twins cannot have the same fingerprints. This pattern on fingers does not change with age, physical growth or any disease. This feature makes it a secured device for authentication.

2. Requires Less Storage Space:

Storage requirement per capita generally increases. Most of the file formats require large storage amount. But it takes very less storage space to store the templates of fingerprints. It is difficult to carry ID and access cards in your wallet. But with a fingerprint system, you can store thousands of biometric templates in tiny space. Most of the products nowadays use fingerprint scanning technology. You can buy such amazing products from different online shops. You can also use tomtop Coupons to grab big savings on your purchase.

3. Forget about Misplacing or Duplication:

It is possible for humans to forget or misplace the ID cards or forget the passwords or PINs. This tendency can have some adverse consequences like denied boarding to a flight, sharing and duplication of information.

With the advancement of the digital landscape, it becomes difficult to keep PINs and passwords. The chip and PIN scam is a big example of the misuse of PINs. This scam took place in China. It creamed tens of millions of pounds from British and some other European accounts.

Most of the credit and debit card users write down their PIN because it is hard to remember so many passwords and PINs. It can pose a threat to security. Biometrics provides a great solution to this problem.

4. Quick and Easy to Use:

It is time-consuming and frustrating to pull out the card from the wallet every time for verification. There are also cases when you can be granted or denied access. No one would want to face such a doubtful scenario when you are already rushing for boarding a flight or appointment. A casual fingerprint scan saves lots of time.

You do not need any special training for using fingerprint scanning device. It is a one-time process to enrol in it and you can start using the fingerprint authentication instantly.

5. Audit Trail-Clear and Definable:

Fingerprint authentication is a reliable source that creates a clear and definable audit trail. This is possible because the user presents fingerprints for a live scan. But there are higher chances of manipulation and forgery in the audit trails based on passwords and user ID.

6. Privacy is Ensured:

The threat to our personal information is increasing with rapidly increasing digitalization. Anyone can easily retrieve our information. You might have noticed, that every time you visit a website, you click on the accept button and agree to their policies. In this way, the bulk of the information is saved on their systems. Fingerprint authentication can provide a good solution to the privacy issue.

Companies like IBM and SecureKey are working on an innovative solution. Central repositories such as credit agencies and banks will send notification alert to the users if any service provider asks for their personal details. Users can utilize a fingerprint authentication system to enable the sharing of personal information.

7. Cost of Maintenance is Low:

If you maintain the fingerprint scanner properly, it can keep your data secure for years. You can easily clean the surface of the scanner without using any special equipment. Scratches and smudges can deplete the quality of scanning. It must be installed away from adverse conditions to ensure proper working.

Mentioned above are some of the benefits of Fingerprint Scanning Technology. These scanning devices are portable, easy to maintain, save your time, and ensure your privacy. You can visit Don’tpayall to get offers from various retailers to get scanning devices at discounted prices.

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