9 Stunning & Latest Rakhis to Jazz-Up Rakhi Shopping 2020!!

9 Stunning & Latest Rakhis to Jazz-Up Rakhi Shopping 2020!!

As everyone knows that Raksha Bandhan is almost approaching us, everyone must be feeling puzzled about which Rakhi will be the best to make your brother feel special and loved on the amazing festival that is dedicated to the love between brother and sister. Deciding which Rakhi will be the best to make Raksha Bandhan 2020 is a big concern for the sisters all around as Rakhi is not only a thread but a sacred thread representing the hearty expression of a sister for her brother. And, for this, the best way is to buy online Rakhi as online Rakhi stores are offering everyone a wide variety of latest and trendy Rakhis that will make this festival more special and worth remembering for many days and months and, maybe till the next year to come.

Now, it is time to sort out the most daunting task that is making many of the sisters concerned and tensed. Yes, you guessed it right, we are here talking about the job of finding a perfect Rakhi for your brother. And, for this, we have listed some of the trendy & popular Rakhis that will, indubitably, convey your hearty feelings to your brother and will also win his heart and, of course, will make his wrist look stylish for sure.

So, get to the list given below:

  1. Auspicious Rakhi

As Rakhi is an auspicious festival that celebrated the special bond between siblings across the globe, so to make it more special, an Auspicious Rakhi will get the job done with perfection.

  1. Bracelet Rakhi

If you are blessed with a brother who loves to be extra stylish and look cool every time, a bracelet Rakhi is the one that will indeed be the best choice as a Rakhi blended with modernity in terms of style and auspiciousness in terms of the religious values added to it. This makes the bracelet Rakhi more special.

  1. Lumba Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan is not only about making your brother feel special when you have your sister-in-law around, then don’t only make your Bhaiya feel special, but also make something special for your Bhabhi too. And, for this, a beautiful and elegant Lumba Rakhi will be the best way to celebrate this festival.

  1. Silver Rakhi

Embellished with silver costing, a Rakhi or a pure Silver Rakhi will surely turn out to be the perfect way to blend this festival with auspiciousness and with the purity of Silver. This form of Rakhi is embossed with stones, shiny threads, and, of course, the goodness of silver in it making it more amazing.

  1. Rudraksha Rakhi

For the one who is searching for a divine form of Rakhi for your loving brother, then a Rudraksha Rakhi will be the best one to make this festival more special. This type of Rakhi will bring happiness, good luck, and stability in your brother’s life.

  1. Pearl Rakhi

The beautiful pearls are known for the calming properties they have and that is why; they are preferred worldwide for making jewelry items because of their elegance and sophistication. If you are also planning to give your brother something extraordinary, then a pearl Rakhi will surely be the best one to go for this Rakhi festival.

  1. Golden Rakhi

After Silver Rakhi, another form of special and amazing Rakhi is Golden Rakhi to make this festival more special for your brother. The golden coating on the stones and thread that is embellishing the Rakhi adds shine and sparkle to the Rakhi. So, whosoever is planning to make this festival more special for your brothers, Golden Rakhi is the one that can take this festival to another level for sure.

  1. Designer Rakhi

The another amazing form of Rakhi that belongs to the aisles of latest and trendy Rakhis is the designer Rakhi as this Rakhi is made using the new and trendy styles that are hyping these days. So, a designer Rakhi is the one that make job of making your festival more special and worth remembering, and the next thing is that this Rakhi will embellish your brother’s wrist amazingly.

  1. Kids Rakhi

If you have your sweet little brother who is always your stress buster, then neither the designer Rakhi nor the pearl Rakhi will be the aptest option. For this, you need to pick something special and a bit related to childhood. This Rakhi will be no other than Kids Rakhi as cartoons are the best friends of kids. So, either pick a Doraemon Rakhi or a Mickey Rakhi and you are all set to make your little brother feel utmost special on Rakhi.

This Rakhi list must have made you very much excited for the Rakhi festival. This huge list of Rakhis contains every form of Rakhi for every type of brother. You just need to choose that one that suits your brother’s personality perfectly well, and when you get that you are all ready to surprise your brother on this Rakhi. But, Rakhi alone will not be that perfect to make your brother feel special. For this, you need a special gift along with a special Rakhi. The range of Rakhi gifts to make Rakhi special is:

  • Rakhi with Cake
  • Rakhi with Bouquets
  • Rakhi with Greeting Cards
  • Rakhi with Sweets
  • Rakhi with Personalized Gifts

Now, the one thing that must be making you feel stressed is where to find the Rakhi gifts online, then for this, Rakhibazaar.com is here offering a wide range of trendy and latest Rakhis to the customers along with amazing Rakhi gifts and hampers as well. So, place the order and get hands-on the best Rakhis and gifts for your brother and make Raksha Bandhan 2020 more special.



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