An Overview Of Symbicort During Pregnancy

Symbicort in early pregnancy

To treat asthma or COPD symbicort can be put to use. So that a fungal infection does not occur you have to rinse your mouth with water and after each dose has to split out. No point you should swallow the water. Basically, it is an inhaler and you have to use it a couple of times during the day. Certain side effects include irritation, colds or headaches.

The use of Symbicort is suggested

  • When sudden symptoms of asthma are witnessed
  • Could be well controlled with a low dose of asthma medication.

Though till date no evidence exists whether it is a safe medicine for kids below the age of 6 years. Even the medicine can be put to use for other causes and it is better to discuss with your doctor.

Symbicort coupled with pregnancy

Symbicort in early pregnancy as you need to discuss with your doctor if you are pregnant or even planning to become. The FDA goes on specific categories that are safe to be used during pregnancy. They are classified from A to E and sums up the risk that might pose to an unknown baby during the period of pregnancy.

This medicine falls in the category of C. As part of animal studies there were given this medication and many of them went on to formulate side effects. Till date, no well controlled studies have been done in the case of human beings. This medicine has benefits that can outline the risks that it poses to a newborn baby.

Even you have to discuss with your doctor in case if you are planning to breastfeed your baby. One of the ingredients in breast milk can cause adverse reaction in infants. So a choice has to be made whether to stop nursing or even continue the process of feeding. Symbicort in early pregnancy the imbalance of this drug for a mother has to be considered.

You need to use this medicine as prescribed and for effective measure use it a couple of times in a day. Every dose has around 60 to 120 actuations per canister. Once you intake then rinse your mouth with water. At no point, you should spray it in your eyes as if any type of redness persists you need to consult your health care provider.

In case if you miss a dose, you need to take the next dose as prescribed. If it is nearly the time of the second dose, do skip the next dose and opt for the one that is due next.  At no point you should take two doses at the same time.

Do follow the instructions on the label and intake the medicine as suggested by your doctor. The dose has to be based on the condition you are being treated, along with any other medical conditions you are suffering from. Even an eye on the other medications you are taking should be evaluated and how you go on to respond to this medication. The age of a person also becomes important.

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