Android Applications Learners Should Have

Android Applications Learners Should Have

Have you ever tried to learn new things? Do you count yourself amidst learners? Well, you can learn endless things in an endless manner. If you are an android user, you can ensure that you have everything that you need for downloading. Once you have the learning applications on your android device, you can hone your mind and skills significantly.

Once you have done 9apps download you would get to know about so many learning applications that would illuminate your learning paths. Come on, you should check out these applications and install the ones that you find the most effective. Have a look at some of the applications below:

MyScript Calculator 2

This is a fun filled and effective application for both children and adults for honing their Maths. The application permits you write out issues with the finger or just a stylus. The app then does convert the text and solves the matters for you. The application is one of the most visually loved calculators that you might have ever seen. It even supports a number of tasks, such as that of basic algebra, general trigonometry, basic arithmetic, and some other Areas as well. You can suitably write out some things, such as that of division and fractions in diverse ways. The application is mainly recommended for the individuals who are studying in grade school, high school, and even the students doing studies in college. In case you feel that maths haunts you then this app is apt for you.

Khan Academy

This application is another influential education platform. It provides the users with a diversity of courses and classes to people. It even brags about over ten thousand instructional classes, videos, and even that of other content. The platform is fully free as well. Khan Academy deals with more characteristic learning, such as that of mathematics, history, economics, science, and more. This platform also owns an app that is particularly for kids that have severalof the same features. Theapp is actually a good option for learning new things and uplifting your knowledge to amazing level.


EdX is one of the distinct and unusual education apps. Rather than offering courses from different professionals, the platform caters courses from the real and actual time colleges. You might not receive a legitimate college degree out of these apps. However, there are diverse types of courses in engineering, computer programming, history, nutrition, psychology, statistics, and plentiful of others for you to ace at. The platform also features both online or offline video lectures, different kinds of course announcements and even aids, and rich tutorials. All of it is there for free. Anyone who is not simply after degree but rather more concerned about learning and honing their skills and knowledge should go for it.

Conclusion : Thus, the point is you can get all these applications along with many others on this third party play store that too without spending any money. After all, it is about your learning and enlightenment.

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