Botox for Sweaty Hands: Treatment & Benefits

Botox for Sweaty Hands Treatment & Benefits

The invention of Botox has eased the lives of so many people. Who could ever imagine that a deadly poisonous substance can have such a magical effect and help to solve so many aesthetic and therapeutic problems? Indeed, the realm of its usage is so wide that I even cannot think about any other remedy which is helpful for so many diseases and disorders. Can you? This article will shed light on the Botox injections for sweaty hands.

Excessive sweating? Why does it happen?

Sweating is a natural temperature-regulating process that occurs when there is a need to cool the body when its temperature rises. We sweat more when it is hot outside or when we more some active training, like in the gym, for example. It is controlled by sweat glands, which receive the signal from the brain.

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is a quite widespread medical problem that may have many causes. Among the most popular are hormonal disbalance, stresses, diabetes, heart attacks, infections, or nervous system disorders. As a result, the sweat glands become hyperactive even in situations when there is no heat or physical activity.

Often it affects underarms, feet, hands, face, more rarely, the whole body. Although it does not have serious medical consequences, it may seriously worsen the quality of people’s lives. Bad smell, wet shirts, or constantly sweaty palms can become a reason for social anxiety and embarrassment. It becomes an obstacle for making friendships, visiting public places, making a career, building a family, and simply having self-confidence.

How does Botox for sweaty palms work?

Well, many people who know this drug as a magic eraser of wrinkles and folds wonder how it may use for any other disorders, let’s say, hyperhidrosis. The main thing you should know is that there is no difference either in the composition of the remedy, or the method of its application, or the principle of its action despite the reason of taking the injection.

The purified botulinum toxin is famous for its paralyzing abilities. The substance that underlies the basis of Botox is not that strong and concentrated to have such effect, but it is still able to locally block the nerve endings, so they cannot receive signals from the brain anymore. This is exactly what happens when the doctor injects the remedy under the skin. Please, be aware that its action has a temporary character and will stop the blocking effect after three or six months. The duration is individual and depends on many factors.

Side effects and precautions

Even a multistage procedure of refining and purifying the poison does not make it 100% safe for the organism. Although the procedure involves minimal physical invasion, there still may be painful feelings in the injected area, redness, swelling, itching, or bruising of the skin tissues. Fortunately, it is no threat to health or life. The patient may also have headache, vomiting, or nausea, and this is also normal feelings after the injection.

The more serious complications include loss of vision, numbness, infections, or allergic reactions. Any of this is a reason to immediately contact the doctor. Fortunately, it happens very rarely, and the therapist will conduct an examination before administrating an injection, so the risks are minimal.

Botox for sweaty hands cost

The price for the remedy varies depending on different suppliers and distributors. However, the final price for the procedure will not be determined merely by the price per package. Except for the fee for the drug itself, it will include payment for the doctor and clinic, and moreover, there may be several injections required depending on the size of the target area. If you want to buy the top-quality remedy at the most beneficial price, you may order Botox at our website.


Botulinum toxin is very helpful for hyperhidrosis treatment when other more traditional methods like antiperspirants are ineffective. It helps people to live a normal life and defeat the social anxiety caused by the disorder. Also, when conducted by an experienced certified doctor, it has minimal risks and side effects. If you want to find out more information, you may click here and read about Botox for sweaty hands.

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