Choosing To Live Between Delhi And Chennai? Put An End To Your Confusion

Choosing To Live Between Delhi And Chennai Put An End To Your Confusion

Kickstarting your career in a metro city is a delight without any doubt. But what to do if you get the same job front opportunities in two highly competitive cities like New Delhi and Chennai which are both known as the work capitals, all thanks to the emerging MNC’s in these places. This is when you start a healthy comparison between the two cities to make a wise choice.  Down below, we have enlisted some of the comparisons between these two states for you to reach an informed decision.

Let’s take off with Delhi which is also the capital city of India is and in every possible sense the most diversified and multicultural city of India. People from all around the country come to Delhi to make a living or start a business and this city welcomes them all. Being the capital city means Delhi has every basic need and luxury options covered for you. Be it a decent marketplace, high standard healthcare facilities, affordable accommodation options, top-quality schools, job opportunities, etc. Delhi passes all these parameters for happy living with flying colors. The cost of living in Delhi depends on your lifestyle as Delhi can provide you with budget living as well as ultra-luxurious living options. If compared to other metropolitan cities, Delhi still has a lesser cost of living.

Relocating to a new city like Delhi, you will have to find decent accommodation for yourself in an area that has access to all your basic needs like food, transport, entertainment, etc. Well, lucky for you that Delhi provides you with various options to choose a comfortable life for yourself. Delhi is a unique blend of old and new which truly justifies the nickname “DilwalonkiDilli“. Let’s go ahead and figure out the approximate expenses to find out the cost of living in Delhi.

Finding accommodation in Delhi is comparatively easier and cheaper than in other big cities. Delhi provides you with a lot of options right from budget to luxury. Depending on your budget you can choose a comfortable home for yourself.

If you’re a student or bachelor on a tight budget, you can find PG in Delhi  suitable for every budget. These PG in Delhi are cozy homes that provide all the privacy you want.

  • Some Prime locations for PG in Delhi, India is:
  • Baljit Nagar
  • East Patel Nagar
  • West Patel Nagar
  • Ranjeet Nagar
  • West Extension, Karol Bagh

The PG in Delhi areas are equipped with all Shopping malls, parking, gym, etc. So, depending on your lifestyle and how much you want to spend on rent, you can choose from multiple options around Delhi.

Delhi has a highly efficient transport system which includes DTC buses, Metro trains, Autos, Cabs, etc. The DTC has a fleet of 5000 CNG buses which ply to every nook and corner of Delhi. DTC buses cater to the maximum number of commuters in Delhi. With cheap prices, DTC buses are the best way to travel around the city although traffic congestion is an issue. There are monthly passes available which turn out to be very economical.

Metro trains are a faster and convenient way to travel around Delhi. Delhi Metro has excellent connectivity with operations extending up to Gurgaon and Noida also. Delhi metro has become a lifeline for the city as many commuters choose this due to the connectivity and ease of commute. The prices for tickets are cheap and if you get a monthly or yearly pass it turns out to be even more economical.

If you’re not the one who wants to travel in crowded public transport, then Delhi has a lot of options for taxis and autos too. The best way to travel to nearby places is via an Auto, but remember to negotiate as most of the Auto-rickshaw drivers don’t agree to go by meter. Taxis are another convenient but expensive option.

Now let’s start with the second part of the argument that is, the city of Chennai.

Chennai is well renowned as the largest cultural, economic, and educational center of South India. Located on the southern coast of India, Chennai attracts the maximum number of foreign tourists in India. Also ranked as the safest city in India, Chennai stands out for its hospitality and is among the top cities in the world. Not only tourists, but Chennai is also flocked by students as well as job-seekers not only due to its affordable cost of living but also for its brilliant educational infrastructure and multiple big companies based here. Chennai is also known as “The Detroit of India “, is home to more than one-third of India’s automobile industry. Having all these varied options of job opportunities makes Chennai one of the best cities to settle down in India.

Compared to other big metropolitan cities, Chennai has a comparatively affordable cost of living. Your cost of living depends on various factors that decide how to have a comfortable life for yourself. Getting a house to stay, food expenses, city transportation, utility expenditure, entertainment expenses, all these factors decide your cost of living in any city. Planning these things ahead of time helps you settle down comfortably in a new city without putting any burden on your pockets.

Finding a place to stay is an unavoidable expenditure when you plan to move to a new city. Doing thorough research on this factor will help you in deciding your budget for other things. Usually considering 1/3rd of your salary as your housing rent is a safe bet. You get a lot of affordable stay options for PG in Chennai

The rent prices of PG in Chennai highly depend on the area you choose to stay in. If you’re looking for a PG in Chennai, you can find decent PG accommodation in the following location easily:

  • Prime locations in Chennai, India:
  • Marimalai Nagar
  • Kailash Nagar, Perubakkam
  • Padur
  • Al Block, Anna Nagar
  • West CIT Nagar

Also, depending on your budget you can choose from the option of PG in Chennai or a rented flat as per your standard of living.

Staying closer to your workplace is always a safer and smart idea in any city. This not only saves your commute time but also saves you a lot of money spent on travel. Chennai is a large metropolitan city but it caters to all your transportation needs. There are various modes of transport such as local trains, metro trains, cab services, auto-rickshaws, buses, etc.

So, here are some valid arguments about the living situation in the city of Delhi and Chennai. Hope this helps you reach a good choice.

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