Come & Explore the Fascinating World of Gold Earrings Designs

Come & Explore the Fascinating World of Gold Earrings Designs

The celebration season is in full swing. Weddings, receptions, engagements, pujas, family feasts, anniversaries, birthdays, we have something or the other lined up. If accessorising is as essential to you as dressing up, you have landed at the right place.

We have a vast array of gold earring designs for you to make a style statement.

Let us start with our floral Suidhaga earrings are in vogue. They are pretty popular among millennials, possibly due to their contemporary design. Set in 14K gold with a flower motif, a significant portion of the earring is occupied by a sleek gold chain that serves as the connector. These are dainty gold earrings designs with a chic look. Check our assortment of Suidhaga earrings in our new Floral Collection.

Huggie earrings from Vaibhav Jewellers are for those looking for more simplistic earrings that boast a more excellent look. These earrings are not only more convenient but also just fancy, with no messy backings for you to struggle with. Huggie is tiny hoop earrings. These gold earrings designs feature a hinge at the bottom, with the post locked at the back of the huggie, closing the earring’s circle when you click it locked. There are basic designs as well as swanky stone-studded huggies in our collection.

The Chandbali gold earrings designs have the shape of a crescent. They belong to the traditional jewellery category. Our gold Chandbali earrings are available in many arrangements, including Polki, signity, peacock, floret, pearl, gem-studded and many more. Due to their versatility, you can wear them anywhere. The studded earrings are apt to wear when you need to shine at an event. If you want to spice up your look a little more, wear a stunning ring. Take a tour of our gold ring section, as well. Our range is pretty extensive that covers everything from daily wear light-weight pieces to colourful stone studded gold engagement rings.

Jhumka earrings are a timeless ornament that has its roots in the royal emperor era. It is like a must-have piece in Indian women’s jewellery box. If you are searching for some jhumkas that are both traditional and contemporary, look at our one-of-a-kind gold and gold jhumka earrings. Plain gold buttalu hangings, antique paisley charm gold jhumkis, signity umbrella cut jhumka, antique raj mukut gold jhumkis, Mayurpogoda gold jhumkas are a few names from this segment.

Dangle earrings are timeless and chic, and these beautiful accessories will effortlessly elevate your ear-game in no time. We have dangle gold earrings designs in various sizes. They are the ultimate fashion staples for your somewhat dressy days when you want to stand out without exaggerating things!

Our stud earrings are probably the favourite ones of all. What could be the reason? They are excellent and elegant in every way. You can wear them through trends for years and look timeless and classy all the while. They are a fabulous “go-to” jewellery that every woman must have. For an everyday look, you can go with small stud gold earrings designs. Suppose you want a bolder look; go with more enormous patterns with intricate work. You choose a stud earring that highlights the beauty of traditional craftsmanship like Temple or Pachi. Otherwise, choose something that has diamonds for a more striking look, either way, they look superb. Our studs come in different sizes. Depending on your preference, you can select the suitable gold earrings designs for you.

Are you looking for a fine-line jewellery brand that brings the best of gold earrings designs? Vaibhav Jewellers your one-stop solution that gets you complete access to all kinds of latest gold earrings.

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