Covid Safe Winter Getaways from Kolkata


If you are looking for places to take your family for a safe winter holiday trip or planning to go for a solo trip near Kolkata, the metropolis is blessed with magnificent tourist sites nearby.

From holy temples to pristine beaches, there is an incredible range of retreats from Kolkata. You can get everything you want from a fantasy vacation to relaxing in nature, without having to travel too far. You only need to make a call to a Kolkata car hire service, and you’re ready to go.

Whether you love spending your days at exotic sites or are looking for adventure all time, some of the interesting places you can visit for winter getaways from Kolkata are:

A deltaic island trip to Bakkhali

If you are a fan of sand and beaches, a secluded town set in Sunderbans can be a dream getaway. The beach town and seaside resort in Bakkhali adhere to all the covid protocols to make sure you stay safe.

Located in the south of West Bengal, just 125.5 km from Kolkata, Bakkhali beach is famous for its beautiful sunflower fields right on the beach. You can enjoy stunning sunrises and sunsets with delicious seafood on the side. You can opt for Bakkhali to bring all your beach fantasies to life.

A mystic journey to Mayapur

If you are enthralled by beautiful and spiritual mysticism or are captivated by marvelous antique architecture, Mayapur is the finest destination to visit to pique your interest.

Mayapur, one of the nine sacred islands that comprise Navadvipa, is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit near Kolkata. A visit to this location will give you a relaxing vacation with breathtaking views.

A Kolkata car rental can take you on a spectacular excursion of the ISKCON temple and the historic shrines of Chand Kazi, which are located 133.8 miles away at the confluence of River Ganga and Jalangi.

Expedition to the largest mangrove forest, Sunderbans

Winter is the greatest time to visit the most gorgeous and calm Sundarbans. There are tiger reserves and biosphere reserves in the Sunderbans. You will fall in love with this region’s natural beauty and simple charm. During the winter, the atmosphere in the Sunderbans is wonderful.

The fog engulfs the mangrove forest and gives the illusion of Alice in Wonderland. The reserve allows only a few guests at a time and adheres to all covid protocols ensuring a safe stay amidst the pandemic.

A trip to Asia’s cleanest village, Mawlynnong

Mawlynnong is the ideal retreat from Kolkata if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and spend some time in the lap of mother nature. It is a little town in the East Khasi hills, 90 kilometers from Shillong, and is the embodiment of paradise on earth.

It has scenic natural beauty with lush green slopes, crystal clear river water, and a profusion of blooming orchids. It is well-known for its living root bridges and tribal locals, and it welcomes visitors with open arms. Shillong is 1172 kilometers away and will necessitate a flight.

It is one of the safest retreats from Kolkata because it is the cleanest village. To get to the airport on time, you can book a ride with the Kolkata airport taxi service.

These are some of the best winter retreats from Kolkata that are both gorgeous and safe.

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