Debunk the Myths Associated with Dental Crown

dental crown myths

Broken or damaged tooth? A dental crown is surely a rescuer for you. Millions of people each year go for this restoration method since it’s very effective and affordable. But still, there are so many myths that are linked with this procedure. So, without wasting any minute, let’s talk about the dental crown myths.

Myth 1 – Dental Crown protect your teeth from cavities

Who doesn’t want to apply external cavity protection on teeth? Well, sorry to say that dental crowns don’t provide such facilities. However, 11% of people thought that it did so.

Also, you will be surprised to know that if the crown is not implant-supported, you can easily find cavities underneath it. Hence, it becomes very essential that you invest your time in cleaning those teeth that have undergone a dental crown. You can easily get these general dentistry services from reputable clinics.

Myth 2- Dental Crown looks unnatural always

Though many people who are familiar with this procedure are aware that this is not the real truth. But, still, 25% of people think that crown looks unnatural. But the reality is it depends upon the crown. Zirconia or Porcelain crowns look quite natural if it’s properly placed and fabricated. Thanks to material inherent translucency, and a precise impression that is used for making the crown matching to the natural tooth & bite. People use this method for a dental bridge.

Myth 3 – Dental caps not required for severe decay

There are two choices for patients who are suffering from cavities that are dental caps or fillings. Dental caps are always preferable over fillings when there is serious dental decay. If the tooth is going through a severe or extensive cavity, at that moment the dentist recommends the dental crown. Fillings can do well only if it’s smaller or newly developed cavities. So, make sure you keep this point always in mind.

Myth 4- Dental crown gives you pain

Most often dental patients avoid visiting the dental clinic as they have fear of the dental crown procedure. Well, we can only say don’t fret. Dentists usually use a local anesthetic to subside the sensation. So, you need not panic over the pain. Dentists take care of your pain and treat you with utmost care.

Myth 5- Dental Crown put stress on your pocket

If you think that a dental crown is expensive and burns a hole in your pocket, then you are wrong. No doubt ceramic and porcelain cost you a bit higher, but still, you can easily get affordable dental crowns. You can easily get the tooth crown cost in Winnipeg from the reputed clinics.


We hope this article helps you to debunk all those myths that we often hear from people. But if you still have any query regarding teeth whitening procedures or dental implants, visit the top-notch dental clinic named Plessis Dental Centre. Here, you can find the most experienced and professional dentists who make sure that you will get a painless and inexpensive dental crown. So, without making any delay, book your appointment. After all, it’s about your teeth!

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