Dos and Don’ts While Traveling to Dubai

Dos and Don’ts While Traveling to Dubai

In recent years, Dubai has become a popular tourist spot. Despite this, the cultural differences can sometimes land tourists in trouble, which is why it’s important to know the dos and don’ts of Dubai.

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates, meaning it’s a predominantly Islamic state. As a result, Islamic customs, such as the use of a Zakat calculator, are common within the city. In addition to this, there are a number of laws that originate from teachings in the Qur’an, meaning their laws are quite different from those of the western world.

To that avail, detailed below are just some of the dos and don’ts to bear in mind while traveling to Dubai.

Do See Dubai from Different Perspectives

Dubai is a huge city of many levels, which is why it’s so important to experience the space from various perspectives. Whether you take in the view across the creek, walk through the streets, or look down on the outline of the city from up high, the view is always fascinating.

One of the top tourist attractions is Level 43 Rooftop Bar & Lounge, where customers can bask in the pretty panoramic views of Dubai with a cocktail in hand. They even have a happy hour between 8 pm and 6 pm!

Do Ask for Consent Before Snapping Photographs

The laws surrounding individual privacy in the UAE are different to those in the western world. For instance, taking someone’s picture without permission is regarded as an invasion of privacy. It’s particularly important not to snap pictures of families and women in public places, as this is something that could land you in serious trouble.

Meanwhile, snapping pictures of political structures, government buildings, and military areas is also illegal. This is down to security reasons, which must not be breached.

Do Travel via the Metro, Buses, and Taxis

Dubai is home to an excellent metro system, with two lines that pass through the most common tourist locations. As a result, this is an ideal mode of getting from A to B and also shielding yourself from the intense heat. Unfortunately, metro journeys can be lengthy, in spite of being air-conditioned, affordable, clean, and efficient. Similarly, it stops running at 1 am at the latest, and the last carriage o the train is solely for women and children.

Buses also cover a lot of the city; however, the numerous stops mean they’re one of the slowest modes of transport.

Don’t Eat or Drink on Public Transport

You may be surprized to learn that chewing gum, drinking, and eating are not allowed on any public transport. This is likely why public transport is so much cleaner in Dubai than in the likes of NYC or London.

Don’t Swear in Public

Cursing, swearing, arguments, and fighting are all actions that could get you arrested if you do so in public. People in the country are expected to carry themselves in a way that’s deemed respectable. This means remaining calm and collected when in public spaces.

Don’t Engage in Public Displays of Affection

As with cursing, swearing, arguing, and fighting, public displays of affection aren’t permitted in Dubai and are viewed as offensive. It’s not just about refraining from holding hands with your partner or hugging and kissing them; it’s also about being mindful in crowded places. If you’re in a crowded place and need to get by someone, you can’t place your hand on them to squeeze by. While it may not be the done thing in many cultures, it is in Dubai, so you have to respect it.

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