East Coast vs. West Coast – Which is the best coast in Canada?

Canadian flag in the nature

Canada is a land of amazing sceneries, a thriving industry, northern lights, ice hockey, and many other great things. It attracts various world citizens in search of a better life and business career. Therefore, if you’re also considering making The Great White North your home, make sure to explore the best quality of life different regions provide. The country is enormous, but the biggest centers are coastal areas. Thus, before choosing your living destination, calculate the pros and cons of both shores. After comparing East Coast vs. West coast, you can decide which the best coast in Canada to relocate to is.

Lifestyle and culture

Canadian East Coast cities are well-known for their slow-paced approach to life. There is no hurry getting to places because, with good organization, everything is easy. Eastern residents are a kind, diverse, and welcoming community, promoting inclusion and engaging in eco-friendly sustainability initiatives. And who can blame them? The nature in the East is breathtaking, with many unique opportunities for those who enjoy the great outdoors and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Newfoundland and Labrador province is the biggest cultural, commercial, financial, and educational center of the eastern coastal region. Despite having a booming industry, the province has preserved the small-town feel, unlike big city centers like Toronto or Ottawa. Therefore, no wonder St. John, the capital of the province, has been a choice of many who decided to hire a moving company and leave Toronto to settle here. It is as booming as it is beautiful.

People lead a quiet and recreational life on the West Coast, enjoying skiing and winter festivals. Both coast and the mainland of British Colombia have many logging towns and retirement communities that prefer the laid-back pace. The only place where you’ll experience the fast-paced tempo of life is in Vancouver.

High rises of Vancouver

Vancouver city is famous for the high-rises situated in unparallel nature

Coastal urban centers

When it comes to determining which the best coast in Canada is, based on the urban opportunities, East perhaps wins for the sole fact of having more big centers in the region. Or, to be more precise, the southeast wins. Cities such as Quebec, Ottawa, Halifax, and specifically Toronto are thriving world industry centers, often considered the future of business. In addition, the Atlantic region has many established ocean industries, such as shipbuilding, fishery and fish processing, offshore oil and gas exploration and production, and maritime tourism. The inland region also focuses on agriculture and farming, with active and friendly communities.

On the other hand, the West coast industry thrives on lumbering, coal and base metal mining, fishery, and agriculture. Significant investments in Alberta’s oil sands have provided job opportunities in the region, adding billions of dollars in revenues to provincial government coffers. Vancouver is the most prominent West coast center, famous for shipping, financial, corporate hubs, and startup incubators.

Atlantic seaboard commercial port on the best coast in Canada

Halifax is the leading Canadian commercial port on the East Coast

Both of the coasts have an outstanding cuisine

Food culture is one of the main factors for forming the general impression of the place. Luckily, Canadian cuisine is as diverse as its residents are. In the West, you can try many seafood specialties, especially salmon. It’s perhaps a favorite ingredient for many restaurant specialties, including numerous sushi places around Vancouver. In addition, oysters in white wine and garlic sauce are quite the thing if you’re up to tasting the authentic dishes in the area. If you have a sweet tooth, you shouldn’t miss the Nanaimo bar. This coconut flake, nuts, and wafer crust specialty has a custard filling and ganache topping, which will make any mouth water.

However, the East coast has its deliciousness too. Here, you can enjoy many lobster-based meals and the famous Poutine – a local variety of the popular fries dish. The bakery shops are incredible; you can taste the famous Montreal bagels there. The East has many food specialties originating from France. Thus, if you’re a fan of European cuisine and some superb wines, you’ll love the Montreal region.

Poutine, the East Coast dish

Only after tasting the local cuisine will you get the real “taste” of the place

The climate of the Eastern and Western regions

If you’re moving to Canada from basically any other country with a temperate climate, you might need time adjusting to its weather. You will hear many rumors about Canadian winters. However, cold should not be your primary concern. The duration of the season should. East Coast winter temperatures go below ten degrees Celsius at the beginning of November and go above ten from May. The rest of the seasons are sunny, rainy, or windy, or the last two combined! Still, all these factors are tolerable if you own a car. It’s a vast country with an efficient transportation system, but nothing beats the perks of having a car and driving around whenever you want during genuinely lousy weather.

The West Coast of Canada, on the other hand, has higher temperatures, with milder winters. Spring and autumn can be very rainy in Vancouver, unlike the rest of the West Coast. Vancouver has a specific oceanic climate, while British Columbia has less rain and more sunny days. According to relocation experts from centennialmoving.ca, most people dread East Coast winters and relocate to the West after some time. If the weather is a deciding factor for the best coast in Canada, the West Coast wins by a landslide.

Montreal covered in snow

Regardless of the inconveniences show brings to both East Coast and West Coast, there is nothing more magical than cities and nature dressed in white


Mentioning some of the main differences between the East Coast vs. West Coast might help you form an opinion on the best coast in Canada. However, the decision is not easy. Both of them are fantastic places to live and prosper, with plenty of attractions to enjoy. At the same time, each shore is wildly different, starting from magnificent mountains on the West to glorious icebergs on the East. Whether you’re planning a Canadian coastal road trip or looking for a change of career and new business opportunities, the only way to decide is by weighing the benefits of both regions based on your preferences.

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