Everything you need to know about LaGuardia airport


Picture the day. You have gone through the stress of planning a holiday, and you are finally getting to the morning of the day you are set to depart to whichever destination you have chosen. You might be going with friends, family or you might be going alone for some much-needed peace and quiet. Heading to the airport should really aim to be a stress-free part of any trip, although, with lots that can go wrong and lots that will need doing at the airport, it is normal to not feel this way.

New York airport

LaGuardia airport is a New York City airport. LaGuardia airport is situated in Queens and welcomes and sends off hundreds of flights every day. They pride themselves on being a new and innovative airport and try and stand out from the other two New York City airports by being ever-changing. The other two New York City airports are JFK and Newark airport. Being a pretty central airport, it’s worth looking at laguardia airport parking rates to make sure you are getting the best option when it comes to parking.

LaGuardia new terminal B transformation

LaGuardia has just finished their new terminal: terminal B. Terminal B was constructed to have a range of new facilities for passengers. They have new arrivals and departure hall that features advanced security measures as well as Covid-19 protected measures. There are also art installations and murals found in this terminal as they aim to be an ‘uplifting and inspiring environment’. They really use the architecture to make the place as light and open as possible.

Covid measures and updates

LaGuardia has some of the best new facilities for dealing with Covid-19 avaliable from plexiglass to touchless technology. In this day and age, these are such important updates that all airports really need to copy in order to be the safest, most efficient option for customers. Their overall renovations cost around eight billion dollars, and this is evident in all the changes and upgrades that you can see as soon as you set foot inside.

Helping the customer move forward

The airport’s new terminal has three times as many lanes as old terminals to help get customers on their flights as quickly as possible. We all know how irritating it can be having to wait in line for hours on busy flight days and these lane additions work towards getting you moving as quickly as possible.

LaGuardia has increased seating options for people and also offers a huge range of food and shopping options. No matter what food you fancy eating, you will be sure not to be disappointed with options from burgers, tacos, to pasta; there’s definitely something for everyone. Some of the food options available include;

  • Brooklyn Diner
  • Juniors Cheescake
  • Hill Country BBQ
  • Think Coffee
  • Eli Zabars Elis essentials
  • Mulberry street restaurant by chef Marc Forgione

If your looking for a classy dining experience or to grab something from a fast food joint, you won’t be disappointed.

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