Follow These Astro Remedies To Remove Bad Luck From Your Life

Follow These Astro Remedies To Remove Bad Luck From Your Life

Bad Luck is like the plague of human existence – nobody wants to experience it, yet we all end up dealing with it at one point. Perhaps you’re not performing as well as you used to, your relationships are in turmoil, or things aren’t moving in the direction you want them to be. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry – there are steps you can take to reduce your lousy Luck and eliminate its symptoms from your life completely! Here are the ways astrology can help remove horrible Luck from your life.

What is terrible Luck or Misfortune?

The word Misfortune is used to describe lousy Luck or any adverse event. There are many different ways to remove misfortune from your life, such as following the astrological predictions of the stars and planets to guide your future decisions and avoid those that may lead you down a path with misfortune. Some other ways of removing misfortune include carrying a lucky charm, wearing an unexpected color, or finding new interests that are more productive than what led you into trouble.

The house of Luck in Horoscope

As we all know, Horoscope is a system that uses the position of the planets and the Sun to predict our destiny. The house of Luck in the Horoscope expects how lucky you will be in life.
The first house of Luck is the Ascendant, which shows your external appearance and personality. It also indicates how successful you will be in life. The second house is your partner; it reveals how good your interpersonal relationships are and your ability to share with others.

Good Luck and bad Luck in a Horoscope

The good and bad Luck in a Horoscope is based on your Zodiac sign. If you’re looking for some general advice or remedies that can help remove lousy Luck from your life, there are a few things that you can do to get a head start.

Astrology Remedies To Remove Bad Luck From Life

The position of the planets, stars, and constellations dramatically impacts your life. If you’re looking for some astrology remedies to remove bad Luck from your life, here are the things you can do.

Remedies to Boost Lord Sun

Many astrological remedies remove bad Luck from your life, but the most beneficial is the remedy to boost Lord Sun. The planet Sun is the king of planets in Vedic astrology and rules over all other worlds, including Mars. It signifies intelligence, power, authority, leadership, and responsibility. If Sun’s influence is vital in your horoscope chart, then you will be brilliant and have a high level of success in life.

Using Salt to Remove bad Luck

Salt is often used in many cultures to remove lousy Luck. Salt is also used as a form of purification, especially after handling unclean animals or material, such as a recently deceased body or any other object considered spiritually unclean. In some traditions, salt is distributed among guests at a party; in others, salt may be placed in items or corners of rooms to absorb negative spiritual energy. Unique dishes may be prepared with salt to counteract bad Luck placed under food.

Throw away the Cracked mirror

It is believed that the mirror in your home is a looking glass into the future. It also reveals what you have done wrong in the past and what will happen if you continue to do so. Throw away any cracked mirror or replace it with a new one.

Aromatic incense sticks or candles

The best remedies for lousy Luck include lighting aromatic incense sticks or candles. This will release the scent and keep negative energies away from you at home. Another essential thing to do is make a life prediction each day. Close your eyes, take three deep breaths in, and then open your eyes again. Repeat this process until you feel relaxed and focused.

Create excellent Karma

Leave a positive footprint on the world by giving more than you receive. This will help you create excellent Karma and remove bad Luck from your life. One way to develop perfect Karma is to share anonymously. Anonymously donating to charities, buying coffee for people in line, or complimenting someone with no ulterior motive are all ways of being good without expecting anything in return, also known as unconditional love. If you need some additional guidance, consult a trusted life prediction service.

Burning Camphor

Camphor is a highly effective remedy to remove bad luck and evil spirits. Camphor is also used to remove negative energy. You can burn the camphor by lighting it in a small bowl or plate and allowing the smoke to permeate through your home or office. Burning camphor will also clear out any other energies that may have been present for some time, including incense, candles, or even strong smells from cooking.


Don’t let lousy Luck get you down. Use these astrology life prediction remedies to remove bad Luck from your life and get the best out of what’s to come. Remember that good fortune is also not far off – but it might take a while. Patience is key when waiting for better times.

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