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The grasp of social media and its impact is far more effective than any other means of communication. We have seen a drastic revolution in the impact of social media during the past decade. The reach of social media has far outnumbered the audience present on conventional media. So gaining a presence on a social media site has become a taboo. Some of the very famous social media platforms usually use a model that is based on the traffic flow on that particular site. And the traffic flow is directly linked to the audience that follow a specific page or content. The algorithms are designed such as to monitor the flow of entire traffic and then regulate the audience presence on a very specific content. Though we generally narrate such an algorithm as biased, but it is the necessity of social media platforms as they run ad serves through these channels or pages. Instagram, a very versatile platform, is one of them. We have seen this platform evolving and surpassing many famous ones, to a point where it competes with YouTube. For a very young application to gain such a popularity, this is a huge achievement. Hence it attracts content creators and the web traffic increases abruptly. For someone who is new to Instagram and delivers quality content, the subscriber and follower ratio is not solely dependent on that. The earlier mentioned algorithms will focus primarily on the pages and account with a large presence of followers rather than a fairly new account. Well for such users, we have a pretty neat and effective solution. Followers Gallery is a really interactive and useful application available to iOS and Android users. to understand how it works and what sort of algorithms it dictates, we need to get an in depth look at basic structure of Instagram web traffic and control.

Instagram Algorithms

Instagram Algorithms:

As discussed earlier that like all other social media sites, Instagram is also a web traffic based application. More the flow, more the opportunity to advertise and hence more the business. The two basic components that need to be achieved in order to gain a presence on the Instagram are the, followers and likes on a certain account and post respectively. So at this point we are pretty clear that these two commodities determine the impact of a user’s account on the general public. Followers Gallery does exactly the precise task of getting audience to your page and post.


Followers Gallery version 1.0.1 is currently available to users who are running iOS 12.0 or higher. As of Android availability, we are sure it’s as good as for iOS. The release date is 14-10-2020 and total application size is about 45 megabytes. The developers have done a great job in the iOS version compatibility. All the way to iOS 12, we are pretty sure any thing as old as iPhone 4S would be compatible. This is a very welcome addition as most of the news applications are released to support the very latest iOS only. The reach to users is vast and hence the overall traffic is remarkable.

Sign up and activation

Sign up and activation:

The sign up process is very simple and straight forward. For new users a valid email address and a suitable password are the only two things required. Once the credentials are fed, a verification with a unique code is sent to the email address and upon entering the code, your account is set up, activated and ready to use. Now is the time to link your Instagram account that you wish to increase the impact of. The username and password are entered and the Instagram account is linked instantly. It is worth mentioning that up to 5 Instagram accounts can be added and the linked accounts are neatly displayed on a pull tab from left side.

Working structure:

Followers Gallery is a very smart application. The algorithm is very efficient and effective. The basic working structure is very simple yet innovative. The coin based system is intriguing and involving. Coins can be purchased and various plans can be opted in order to boost your Instagram account. Against certain number of coins’ followers and likes are added to your account. The addition of followers is instant and we experienced no glitches in application at all. Thus your free Instagram  followers and likes increase soon but organically.

Application layout and interface

Application layout and interface:

The application layout is very smart and pleasant. the graphics are very precise and all the icons are very interactive. The welcome screen or the home screen displays the activity of the most recent account alongside your current coin balance and the pull tab from left has the information on all of the linked accounts and their progress. On the very bottom tab of the application you are given some very handy and quick options. The very first option narrates the task of adding followers to the account. Pressing this gets you into the menu where you can purchase followers against the said coins. Moreover, you can also add coins to your account via paying for them. The next option icon tales you to the likes section. Where again you can use your coin balance to purchase number of likes and also add funds to your account via paying for more coins. The very last icon takes you to the coin store. It is the market place of trading and adding new coins. Various offers and bonuses are also displayed here.


Unlike other applications out there provide you with genuine and active account followers, Followers Gallery is vastly observed that various applications that claim to add followers to your Instagram ID, are generally fake or inactive accounts. Whereas we at Followers Gallery have made it sure that all the followers are active users and linked to a valid email address hence making an authentic user account and true follower. The application is very secure. The developers have done a great job in making it secure and easy to use. It has no glitches or security breach at all. The delivery is very reliable and authentic. The clear change and increase in the followers or the likes on a certain post can be observed within 24 hours. To add the application is very clean and malware free. Lastly our developers and technical support team is available at our consumer’s service 24/7 to resolve any sort of issue faced.

Just install and register Followers Gallery and be ready to be surprised!

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