Gaps In Medical Treatment After A Car Accident Can Adversely Affect Your Injury Claim


Your Number One Priority — Receive Prompt Medical Care After Accident

Most car accident victims do not seek prompt medical care after an automobile crash. While some do not visit a car accident clinic because they assume they escaped unhurt, other victims who have sustained injury decide to wait it out. They think their pain will go away on its own.

Both thought processes are harmful in the long run. Injuries left untreated can lead to serious complications in the future.

Another mistake many car accident victims make is the failure to understand that for their personal injury claim to be successful they will have to visit their auto accident doctor more than once. Follow-up visits are an important part of accident injury treatment and should not be missed.

What is required is consistency in medical care. Gaps in treatment will not only worsen your accident injuries, but will also hurt the settlement negotiations in your personal injury case.


What Is A Gap In Medical Treatment?

After being involved in a car accident your number one priority should be to seek medical care as soon as possible. And after you’ve initiated your treatment it is your responsibility to carry on with regular treatment sessions with your car accident doctor.

But in reality most car accident victims neglect their injuries and do not follow a consistent medical care regimen during the recovery process. This is what results in gaps and can seriously affect your injuries as well as your personal injury claim.

There are two types of gaps in car accident injury treatment:

First, when you do not visit a car accident clinic immediately after a crash. When you do finally see an auto accident chiropractor many weeks or months have passed since the car crash you were involved in. This gap between the car accident and the doctor’s visit can cause you damages both injury-wise as well as injury claim-wise.

The second kind of gap in treatment is when you do see an accident injury specialist for your car accident injuries but do not follow up after the initial visit or skip appointments. This creates a negative impact on your personal injury case and it can devalue your injury claim.

How Can A Gap In Medical Treatment Affect Your Injury Claim?

The moment you file for your personal injury claim after you’ve been involved in a car accident, the insurance company adjuster tries to look for ways to devalue your claim. And what is the first thing they look for? A gap in medical treatment.

Any gap in your injury treatment is used as evidence against you. The gap is used to prove that your car accident injuries are not as serious as your claim suggests. The argument given is: how could you not be visiting your car accident doctor regularly if your injuries are truly severe and you’ve really been seriously injured.

Another medical treatment gap that can backfire is when you do not seek immediate medical care following the car crash. The insurance adjuster will try to prove that the injury for which you are trying to avail a claim is not actually for the same injury but for something else that you sustained weeks or months after the accident.

Listen To Your Car Accident Doctor

Not keeping your doctor’s appointments or not seeking any medical treatment at all after a car accident can prove to be a very expensive mistake. Apart from losing out on a favorable personal injury compensation, you also run the risk of making your car accident injuries worse than what they were after the crash.

Your personal well-being will be affected and your injuries could also have life-altering effects if left untreated. It is best to follow your car accident doctor’s advice once you begin your treatment.

If you are told to take a break from work, take one. This will help you apply for a lost wage claim. If your chiropractor tells you to stay away from physical activities, avoid them. Good amount of rest can help you recover better and faster. Your aim should be to follow a consistent treatment regimen both during recovery as well as after recovery during rehabilitation so you can get a fair value from your personal injury claim.

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