Green Travel in Sierra Leone: A Sustainable Adventure Guide

Sierra Leone

Tourism is on the rise each year, yet Sierra Leone remains an emerging travel destination. Given this, promoting sustainable tourism is crucial to preserving the environment, wildlife, and supporting local communities. Here are some sustainable travel tips to consider for your next trip to Sierra Leone, which can also be applied to destinations worldwide.

4 Sustainable Travel Tips for Sierra Leone

Support Local Communities

Engage actively with the local communities you visit. Choose to support local artisans, shop at markets, and prioritize businesses owned by locals to ensure that your tourism spending positively impacts the people of Sierra Leone. Opt for locally-owned accommodations like guesthouses or eco-friendly lodges to directly benefit the community. Participate in community-based tourism initiatives, such as the Tiwai Heritage Trail, which visits eight communities around Tiwai Island.

Reduce Plastic

Minimize your environmental footprint by reducing plastic waste. While tap water may not be drinkable in most areas, bring a reusable water bottle and portable water purifier to minimize the need for single-use plastic bottles. When exploring Sierra Leone’s beaches and national parks, practice responsible waste disposal. Carry a bag to collect your trash and any litter you may find, contributing to the preservation of Sierra Leone’s beauty.

Eat Local Food

Embrace the joy of travel by savoring local cuisine. Sierra Leone offers a variety of local dishes and drinks to try. Eating local food is a sustainable practice that keeps food miles low, prioritizes seasonal ingredients, and supports local individuals, particularly women involved in hospitality or food businesses.

Travel Overland

Opt for shared overland transport options, even if they may be less comfortable at times. Choosing public transportation, such as shared taxis or local buses, minimizes your carbon footprint and provides opportunities for interactions with locals. Consider planning hiking or cycling trips to explore Sierra Leone, hiring local guides to support individuals in remote areas.

Adopting these additional sustainable travel practices ensures a holistic and responsible approach to exploring Sierra Leone while contributing positively to its environment and communities.

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