How AngularJS Contributes to Enhanced Software Development Services?

Angularjs Software Development

A software development company understands it well that when a software program is developed a solution is being built for the end-users, so the choice of technology is not just about what is developer’s paradise but also about what are clients’ preferences.

The client might not be a technical guy, but he is clear about his requirements. Thus, the software needs to fit into serving his requirements and not that his requirements will alter as per the software’s capabilities.

So, for a custom software development company, it is extremely important to have a complete updated understanding of what is in demand when it comes to enterprise applications. Knowing this is important because only then a software development company will be able to enhance its development services. And therefore, it is important for every such company to have the apt knowledge of developing an enterprise application.

So, what is desired in an enterprise web application? Defined technically, many jargons will come into play, but to define in a layman language, it can be said that an enterprise application should have optimized security, easier deployment, easy to use features and of course highly responsive user interface.

All these can be achieved by selecting the AngularJS framework for software development. Thus, for a software development company, looking to enhance its software development services, AngularJS is the right framework for the following reasons:

Ionic Framework: It facilitates the development of hybrid applications and is equipped with multiple UI segments that offer a rich feel to the end-user.

Single page application: Users are handling touch devices, so over clicking or tapping, they prefer scrolling. AngularJS supports the development of the single-page application, wherein the entire content of a site loads within a single page. Such a page view is mostly preferred in genres like video streaming, user review, travel apps, weather forecast, etc.

Two-way data binding: For a developer, the AngularJS framework is comparatively easy to learn and easy to work upon. One of its finest features is the two-way binding, wherein any changes made in the UI will simultaneously reflect in the data model or vice versa.

Top-notch user experience: Internally many technicalities may come into play, that all is for the developer to understand and handle, but for others, the app is as good as its user interface. Using the AngularJS framework, software development companies can gratify its clients by delivering them apps that are visually appealing and deliver great user experience. The framework takes care of the overall look and feel of the app as it comes with many inbuilt modules and libraries.

Faster deployment and easy to use: AngularJS enhance the software development services by increasing the productivity of the developers. Using this framework, the applications can be built in less time and with fewer efforts. And its dynamic nature and architectural setup make the app easy to handle.

Security: Data malfunctioning because of a breach of security is a big concern for any business enterprise. Enterprises can’t take a risk with their data thus; they are very particular about the security of an app to be used. AngularJS offers optimized security by using RESTful (Representational State Transfer) APIs as HTTPS interface for interacting with the server. This protects the application from harmful threats such as viruses.

MVC pattern: The framework has the added advantage of MVC (Model View Controller) pattern. MVC (Model View Controller) makes the applications dynamic, more versatile and easier to use. While most of the frameworks require the developer to split the app into MVC components and then write code to string them up together. On the other hand, in the case of Angular MVC, you only need to split the app into MVC components, and the remaining part i.e. connecting the components back together is automatically taken care of.

AngularJS is one of the best JavaScript frameworks to build enterprise apps as its implementation drastically improves the app performance and helps in scaling up the business. Although the framework comes with sophisticated design architecture and server performance, it is extremely convenient to use and hence, for any custom software development company, especially that is offering development services to enterprises, AngularJS is the current hot pick.

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