How Hana Florist POS can help you Create good traffic and sales

How Hana Florist POS can help you Create good traffic and sales

The world is shifting towards the age of digitalization. Most industries are shifting their business to online platforms. Similarly, the flower industry is also making its way towards the online world. The Hana florist POS would be a great help to new florists in this online world. It will help the store to create good traffic and increase its sales. The Hana florist POS software has many features that would help the florist grow. Through this point of sale software, the florist can reach wider and more diversified audiences. Some of the features of the Hana florist POS are the following

  • Floral system

 Hana florist software provides a specific performance for different users. By creating the account a customer can avail of various benefits such as discounts and cashback. The account will help the florist to understand the demands and choices of the customers which will help him to provide better bouquets. Customization plays a vital role in the florist industry. The florist needs to survey the market to provide the best service. There are different florist software that will provide you a discount on your birthdays if you fill in your data correctly and verify it. Specific accounts mean customization for each customer.

  • Appointments for event management

Through the Hana florist point of sale software, you can contact the best event manager to decorate events such as weddings or birthdays. You can take ideas from the hundreds of events that we have managed in the past. What makes us stand out is that, In the future, we plan to make our event management services even better and add new flower arrangements and decorations according to the trends of the market. We are also planning to set up theme-based flower arrangements for specific occasions such as Halloween, christmas and the new year.

  • Customer-based approach

Instead of drawing too many customers, focus on your frequent customers first. Please pay more attention to them. It increases the possibility of getting a wholesome review of your flower shop ecommerce website. Try to talk to them personally and see if they need any changes in your services. To steadily grow your list of clients, you need to focus on your loyal customers; for example, send a thank you note to them for being their daily customers or offer them some price deduction. Some features like free flower delivery software to the Hana florist POS would surely attract customers as they can get the flowers delivered at their doorsteps. In this competitive market, it is very important to keep the customer happy and satisfied.

  • Adaptation to trends

 The flower market is always changing and there is heavy competition on the market. Adapting to certain trends will help your store to grow faster. A florist needs to be aware of the demands of his customer and always look to provide the best services possible. The Hana florist POS will also help the new florist to understand the trends of the market. The POS software also has features such as advice regarding the market trends from expert florists. The Hana florist POS software can revolutionize the flower industry in near future.  You can provide customized bouquets according to the demands of customers. Innovation plays a key role in the flower business. There are various floral systems that help a new florist.

  • Developing strategies

 There are certain strategies that help the growth of a business. Without a proper thought process, one cannot succeed in any business. While talking about the flower, the florist marketing is one of the most important aspects of running a flower shop. In the flower business, you need to adapt according to the market trends and constantly bring in innovations that set you apart from other flower shops. One can do many things to innovate your bouquets. A very potent strategy is to provide free samples to customers in the initial stages of business.


Hana Florist POS is a game-changer for florists aiming at improving customer traffic and sales. This modern point-of-sale system provides an array of features designed for enhancing customer experiences, managing processes, and ultimately contributing to revenue growth.

Hana Florist POS user-friendly interface and powerful inventory management capabilities makes it easier for local florists to maintain updates with their products and make sure that popular items are always in stock and prepared to meet customers’ demand.

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