How Not Hiring a Lawyer Can Affect Your Pedestrian Accident Case

How Not Hiring a Lawyer Can Affect Your Pedestrian Accident Case

You should receive compensation if you were injured in an accident. However, insurance firms frequently try to settle claims for the smallest sum possible. Working with a pedestrian accident attorney is the best course of action in any personal injury case. Victims who do not seek legal counsel before filing a claim will encounter numerous obstacles and risk not receiving just compensation. Here are several ways not hiring a lawyer while filing an insurance claim after a pedestrian accident can affect your case:

You might be confused about the right steps to take

As an average person, there is a high chance that you won’t know what to do next after an accident. A competent attorney will decide what actions to take to collect and protect the evidence and secure appropriate compensation for you.

Stress and fear while dealing with injuries

When an accident occurs, your primary goal should be to recover from the crash, both physically and mentally. Your stress level will increase if you have to begin searching for papers, engage with insurance providers, or try to launch a lawsuit. This is where a lawyer can help by ensuring your injury documentation is reliable, especially if you have pre-existing ailments that could compromise your claim.

A personal injury attorney will also help you navigate through all the required paperwork to assist you in resolving your claim, relieving you of a significant load. Additionally, when victims have legal representation, insurance companies frequently take their claims more seriously than when victims pursue these matters independently.

The risk of not being able to prove fault in your pedestrian accident case

To prove how and who caused a pedestrian collision, you must show that the other driver or party is liable for your injuries. Cases involving pedestrian accidents sometimes rely on demonstrating negligence or a failure to drive safely. In Florida, the driver shall be responsible for the pedestrian’s damages if at fault, according to the Florida vehicle accident regulations on hitting a pedestrian. The general negligence standard establishes fault.

Risk of not meeting all deadlines in your case

A statute of limitations governs all personal injury claims, including those brought about by incidents involving pedestrians. According to Florida Statute §95.11, the statute of limitations in pedestrian accident cases is four years. If you don’t pursue a case within that time frame, then the court may dismiss your case based on it exceeding the statute of limitations. With some types of injuries, years can go by rapidly when you have sustained severe injuries. In other cases, a full recovery might not be possible. Hence, you should retain legal representation as soon as possible for your pedestrian accidents to avoid missing the statute of limitations and any other important deadlines in your case.

Risk of not recovering damages

Because it is typically in the best interests of both parties to settle and avoid a drawn-out trial, most personal injury claims are not verified. However, it is typical for an insurance company to make an initial settlement offer that is excessively low. A personal injury attorney is skilled at aggressively negotiating settlements on your behalf and knows how to assess losses, gather proof that they are justified, and value your case. However, if the victim has the upper hand because you didn’t hire an attorney, your patient may suffer.

Have you been injured in a pedestrian accident?

If you have suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident, you must speak with an experienced accident attorney as soon as possible. Handling your case by yourself is stressful and can lead to you forfeiting your claim. Hire a competent lawyer experienced in pedestrian accident cases to get all the necessary help you need to receive your due compensation.

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