How to Choose the Right Two-Wheeler Insurance for Your Bike in 2023?

How to Choose the Right Two-Wheeler Insurance for Your Bike in 2023

Two-wheelers are quite convenient. They are also more affordable when compared to larger vehicles. These bikes are rapid, efficient, and flexible to ride through traffic. But they also come with certain potential risks. Since sources suggest that accidents are graver among bike riders than among car drivers, it only makes sense to ensure safety every step of the way. With two-wheeler insurance, it becomes possible to be on time.

Selecting two-wheeler insurance needs you to consider some essential factors. The mileage, costs, and looks of the two-wheeler all come into play. Here’s more about it!

1. Gather Your Policy Cover Details

Every cover at every insurance company differs. While one cover may provide a certain list of features, others may do it differently. That is why it is important to map out your requirements and find out if your policy coverage can help satiate them. Identify if your policy delivers any in-built benefits. This may include towing facility and roadside assistance too. Remember, the more cover you receive, the better it is for you.

2. Choose The Most Suitable Premium

The premium amount requires your careful attention. Remember, purchasing the right two-wheeler insurance also comes with paying a set premium every month or year. So, find out whether the premium suits your budget and affordability. Do not forget to compare the rates at different insurance sites. This helps make sure you only get your hands on the most affordable ones. So you can pay the premiums regularly without breaking the bank.

3. Evaluate Add-on Cover Requirements

Add-ons can help provide an extra layer of protection. Although they add to your premium, they can be very beneficial during times of crisis. There are many add-on covers available. Make sure you take your time to evaluate all of their features and benefits. Then, you can scout for one as per your needs and budget. You can also connect with your insurance provider. They will help you receive sufficient information about these add-ons in need that are related to your two-wheeler insurance.

4. Claim Settlement Process Information

With a simple and quick claim settlement process, it only seems fair to opt for them. Find out if your insurance provider encourages this in their company. You can research them by viewing videos and watching image uploads by diverse insurance companies regarding the claim settlement process they follow. Also, identify the claim turn-around time of your insurer. This denotes the number of claims they have settled in a whole year. Experts also suggest it is wise to opt for a plan that provides low TAT and a higher CSR.

The Bottom Line

  • Comprehensive insurance, third-party insurance, and standalone own-damage insurance are some of the main types of two-wheeler insurance plans available.
  • You can opt for them as per your requirements and budget.

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