How to Deal with Post-Workout Muscle Soreness?

how to deal with with post workout muscle pain

Are you suffering from muscle soreness after a heavy workout? Well, this is the process for building muscles. But after this process, this is another process for rebuilding where the real magic will happen. Sometimes the sore is normal. You can leave your muscles in a stationary position and relax. But sometimes, the muscles are too sore that it starts hurting. It is going to make you uncomfortable as well as longing for a cure to make the pain go away.

The discomfort is going to offer after 24 to 48 hours and it causes muscle soreness which sometimes becomes unbearable. He pains and aches must be minor but sometimes they are too high. No one is immune to muscle soreness, which is why you must look for the techniques which can help you overcome it.

There are few things that you can do which can ease off the pain. Here is how to deal with the post-workout muscle soreness:

Do some light movement:

It might seem impossible to do at the time but you have to get off from the couch so that you can ease off some of the pain. But how are going to going to do it? Well, you need to take on some activity like walking so that it increases the blood circulation and improves the blood flow throughout the body.

It is this idea that the increased blood blow is going to provide nutrients to the part with soreness and will speed up the repair process. This does not mean that you must go to your regular fitness or workout routine. Just start doing a gentle activity like walking. The idea behind the treatment is the faster the blood will flow, the faster the muscle is going to get relief from the sore.

Hydrate more:

Drinking water has always been one of the best ways to recover from any condition. There is research which shows a relation between the increased soreness and dehydration. Increased levels of hydration can help in minimizing the soreness.

The idea behind this method is that the water helps in flushing out the waste product. When the muscles break down, there are waste products and toxins that are released by the muscles. These wastes need to be filtered out as fast as possible as this waste material is associated with increased muscle soreness. Which is why staying hydrated is one of the better ways to help yourself from increased muscle soreness. When going outdoors, use eco-friendly glass water bottles to keep yourself well-hydrated without having to consume expensive bottled water on convenience stores.


Stretching is one of the best ways to release tightness and increase the range of motion in your body. It can make you feel better when you are sore. Although it will not help you recover any faster, it will make the pain go away a little. But you need to be very careful as more is not always more. You need to do some light stretching. Overstretching can make the muscle tighter. how are you going to know that you have not gone far? Well, stretch until it is pretty tight and repeat it without getting to a point where it seems unbearable.

Stretching may not be the winner of treatments but it can help you relax.

Make sure you are getting enough protein:

Everyone must have heard that protein is the building block and helps n maintaining muscle. It plays a huge role in helping to recover the muscle from a heavy workout. Always make sure that you are eating enough protein after the damage is done. Also, make sure that you are performing a light exercise in order to recover better. If you had a drink last night so you can grab your blender and try this easy hangover smoothie recipe which will help you to get rid of a hangover.

This does not mean that you need to eat high amounts of protein. For a person who is about 150 pounds eating up to 136 grams of protein is going to be enough.
You need to split the protein diet equally in the meals you are having in the day. Alternatively, you can take a good whey protein powder supplement to meet your daily protein requirements.

Try heat or ice for the pain:

Although there might be a debate between whether heat therapy is better or the cold one, nobody can deny the fact both can provide good relief for most of the part. Although the results are temporary, a relief is super amazing when you are super sore.

Ice can help in reducing the swelling with the extreme soreness. If you are able to bring the swelling down, then it can help in reducing the pain-causing tension. Heat can also work for some people who are looking to ease off the pain from soreness. If you are unable to decide in applying the heat or ice, then you can go with a thumper massager. It can help you with a speedy recovery. You need to apply it on your sore body part just like the ice. These massagers are very handy when you are looking for fast recovery.


If you are still experiencing pain after trying all the methods for recovery, and there is no improvement in the soreness, then it could be the sign that you are deeply injured and you need to see a medical professional.

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