How to Install Shower Standing Handle

How to Install Shower Standing Handle

Elderly humans who’ve problem moving into and out of the bathe can significantly advantage from putting in a bath status cope with. The CDC estimates that three million elders fall every year, with 37% of these injuries happening withinside the bathroom. Older oldsters might also additionally locate it tough to get inside and out of the bathe in the event that they don’t have a cope with to maintain onto. The diverse strategies for mounting the handles are proven withinside the following table.

Use of Suction Cups

People who can’t stand or stroll can use bathe status grips to assist them get inside and out of the bathe. Because of this, humans with disabilities or loss of stability are much less probable to slide and fall withinside the bathe. These devices are established the usage of suction cups. There aren’t anyt any sharp corners or edges on those gadgets, making them smooth to grip and use. Changing the peak of the handles is as easy as disposing of the handles and reinstalling them.

Mounting Brackets

People who’ve problem on foot or status up can advantage significantly from the help furnished via way of means of bathe status handles. As an opportunity to traditional bathe handles, those may be applied to enhance the steadiness and protection of the bathe experience. Falls also are much less probable with the usage of those fixtures. It’s a very good concept to put in them for your bathe in case your protection or stability is an trouble for you. Learn the way to deployation those bathe decorations to your very own via way of means of analyzing on. You’ll locate them useful as soon as they’ve been established.


There is a type of “status” bathe handles to pick out from. Surfaces with a smooth, nonporous floor may be used to attach suction bathe handles. Nonporous tiles are the norm. Keep the cope with farfar from the grout line, and make certain you’ve got got a extensive tile at the lowest of your wall to save you it from shifting. Even screws hidden underneath the wall studs may be used to put in the handles. To keep away from a hollow for your wall this is tough to repair, make certain you steady them with screws.


The first step in putting in bathe status handles is to determine in which the draw close bar will go. The cope with have to be secured to the bathtub part instead of the wall if the bar is to be established on the bathtub’s part. Then, the usage of a cordless drill and a masonry bit, make a small hollow withinside the mark. After that, screw the anchor into place, being cautious now no longer to overtighten the screw.


There is a huge type of bathe handles to choose from. While the common character prefers a 36-inch cope with, taller oldsters might also additionally want one this is forty three inches high. Extra protection and balancing help are furnished via way of means of Life Savers, a emblem call for bathe handles with seize bars. The mounting holes’ middle-to-middle distance is generally used to calculate the cope with’s height.

Health Risks

“Standing handles” withinside the bathe are a useful object for the ones who’ve problem ambulating. In the case of an accident, they offer extra balance and reduce the chance of a fall. People with impairments or a lack of stability also can advantage from their use. When it involves putting in bathe knobs, right here are some matters to maintain in mind. Proper set up of those gadgets is needed to keep away from any ability risks.

The following protection recommendation will assist you keep away from a number of the maximum typical dangers whilst putting in your new bathe stalls. Make positive there aren’t anyt any slippery surfaces for your bathroom. Keep the distance clean of any unfastened debris, whether or not you’re putting in a bath or a bath. A big motive of falls is slippage, consequently deployation seize bars to save you it. You also can use those devices that will help you input and go out the tub or bathe. By putting in maintain bars, you could reduce your reliance on shaky ground.

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