How to Learn to Be Alone and Happy About It

How to Learn to Be Alone and Happy About It

Sometimes, you have to be alone and enjoy the company of yourself. At times your friends and family can get so busy that they won’t have time to spare with you. Aside from that, there are times when you’ll need to be alone and reflect on some things. It doesn’t mean you’re antisocial if you occasionally choose to be alone. Fact is that being alone helps you to revitaliseyour mind. According to Thesis Rush, your brain recharges itself and makes more sense out of complicated things when you spend time with yourself.

Some great people in the world have used this fact to solve some complex problems. Take Albert Einstein as an example. He was able to come up with many great theories because he spent enough time with himself. Even if you aren’t planning to come up with any theory, you should still learn how to be alone because It’s a chance to improve your creativity. The following are the ways by you can be alone and be happy about it:

1. Be Your Primary Source of Validation

It always feels great to spend time with friends and family. However, you should learn to enjoy your own company at times. Sometimes you should stay away from the noise of social life, and keep yourself busy with hobbies like writing, reading or anything that you enjoy doing.

2. Spend Some Time with Nature

You can stay in a garden and watch the flowers bloom. The chirping of the birds can entertain you. You can lie on the grasses and gaze into the sky to observe the shapes of the clouds. All these will make you fall in love with yourself again.

3. Deliberately Ease into the Pleasure of Relaxation

Start doing things that make you enjoy every minute that you spend with yourself. For instance, you can hold popcorn in your hand while you watch Netflix. A thing like this can make you forget that there’s a world outside your home.

4. Take a Trip to a Dream Location Alone

Maybe you have always wanted to visit a place. A period when you’re alone can be a fantastic opportunity to visit anywhere you like. Just arrange your bags and visit the location where you love. It will make you very happy.

5. Step Out to Town Alone

Do you think you need to stay all day indoors to be alone? It’s high time you changed your thinking. You can spend a lovely time with yourself outside too. You can go to a park and read.The you can find a lot of literatureessaessanples. You can go to the seaside and observe the sea waves. You’ll enjoy more things when you’re outside. Things like the sunshine, fresh air, and so on.

6. Stay Away from Your Phone

If you really want to enjoy the time you spend alone, then stay away from your phone. If you keep your phone with you, distractions can keep coming, and you may end up not learning the real way to be alone.


Being alone shouldn’t be a punishment for you. It should be an opportunity to discover what you love and develop yourself in different areas. Start using the things that you’ve learnt in this article to stay happy every time you’re alone.

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