How to Maintain Your Car for Prolonging its Lifespan

maintain your car

You know that prevention is better than cure. It is a universal phenomenon applicable to all things of life, including your car. 

Periodic servicing is necessary to maintain your car in the best condition to prevent damages. Servicing also makes your car more reliable, safer to drive, and prolong your car’s life.

When your car undergoes damages, it will entail money outgo. And, significant damages can even result in a big dent in your pocket.

Many people often undermine the need for periodically servicing their cars. Most of them think that there can be no problem as their cars are running fine. But, such negligence can lead to damages to your car.

Moreover, bad practices, like driving for long on the same spark plug, forgetting to change the oil and ignoring the squealing brakes or mysterious clunking sounds, can lead to damages to your car.

In addition, you can also be fined for not looking after your car properly. Police often conduct random checks for bald tyres, faulty brake lights, broken seat belts, cracked windscreens, etc. And, the presence of such faults can lead to a fine. 

Therefore, keeping your car in good condition is the best thing to do. It can keep you safer on the road while saving money on damages caused by neglect. 

How to Maintain and Service Your Car?

The spontaneous question is–how do you should maintain and service your car to prolong its lifespan?

The answer is–look at the following:

#1. Fluids

Fluids are essential for your car. So, you have to check fluids regularly and replace them when necessary.

If you fail to recollect when you last changed your power steering fluid or do not know what power steering fluid is, you need to brush your knowledge upon the fluids your car uses.

Typically, cars use the following fluids: 

  • engine oil
  • radiator coolant
  • automatic transmission fluid
  • windscreen washer fluid
  • brake fluid
  • clutch fluid
  • power steering fluid
  • battery electrolyte fluid

In addition, there can be more fluid types, depending on your car. And, what you should not fail to do is, check the fluids regularly and replace them when needed.

 #2: Tyres

Taking proper care of your car tyres is essential for your car maintenance. You should ensure that you maintain the tyres at the correct pressure. It prolongs their lifespan and lowers fuel consumption. 

You can use tyre gauges that come cheap and are easy to use. While driving, if you feel that your car is pulling to one side, it can necessitate wheel alignment and balance.

Moreover, you can have the wheels rotated regularly to reduce uneven wear. It can also prolong the life of your tyres.

You can also change flat tyres by yourself by reading the process online. 

#3: Wipers

As Australia’s climate is harsh, you need to change wiper blades at least once a year. But, if you encounter troubles in seeing through your windscreen correctly, you should change your car’s wiper blades sooner. 

But, ensure that you buy quality blades as that matters a lot in the durability and functioning of the blades. 

#4: Engine Air Filter

You can regard your car’s air filter as the engine’s lungs. If it gets clogged up with dust, dirty air will get into the engine. As a result, the performance of the engine will degrade. 

While some air filters are easy to reach and change yourself, others pose some challenges.

You can go to a local auto shop to get your car’s air filter changed if you find it challenging to do by yourself. The owner’s manual will have the details regarding how it needs changing.

Usually, the more you drive in dust, the more often the air filter needs to be changed. 

#6: Battery

Car batteries fail to work correctly due to multiple reasons. So, keep checking your car’s battery to ensure that it is working correctly.

It will help if you keep track of how old the battery is, check the terminals for corrosion whenever you open the bonnet and top up the battery fluid when necessary. 

Moreover, you need to ensure that you use distilled water and refrain from overfilling.

Remember, the battery gets drained if you do not drive your car for long periods. Therefore, ensure that you drive your car frequently. 

Also, remain careful of the flaky powder around corroded battery terminals that can be dangerously acidic.

You can also change your car’s old battery by yourself, and for that, you need to refer to a guide to replacing a car battery.

Moreover, you refer to a car service cost guide to know how much you need to spend while servicing your car. 

The Common Mistakes to Avoid

In addition, you should ensure that you avoid some mistakes that can take a toll on your car to reduce its longevity.

The following are some of those mistakes you should not make:

Continuous Braking Down a Long Hill

You should avoid the harmful practice of braking continuously while driving your car down a hill. Remember that brake pads wear faster when they get heated up.

When you apply brakes continuously while driving down a long hill, they become significantly hot. So, the best thing to do is alternate between braking and letting off the brake.

If the brakes get worn out, your car can be susceptible to accidents. 

Using a Pressure Washer on Your Engine

Although pressure washers are a good option for cleaning different parts of your car, you should not use them for cleaning your car engine. It is a complex piece of equipment with tiny wires, sensors and components.

If you allow a high powered jet of water to enter the engine, it can displace electrical bits, hoses and rubber seals. So, you should avoid the wrong practice.

Instead of using a pressure washer, you can use a degreaser fluid for the engine.

Driving When the Car is Overheating

You should stop your car if it gets overheated. You might tend to get carried away by the idea that the car will undergo no problem. It is a wrong notion. 

It coolant rushing of the overflow tank and the overheats engine overheats. As a result, they can stop moving.


The mandate is, you should maintain your car properly to prolong its lifespan and give you a good driving experience. Therefore, you should not commit the mistake of undermining the need for maintaining and servicing your car periodically. 

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