How To Make Your Meeting Efficient In Today’s World?

How To Make Your Meeting Efficient In Today’s World

Meetings, oh…what a time-waster they are. About 46% of your office time goes into gathering, and well, you cannot say it out. But they are a complete, colossal waste of time. There are so many types of sessions that happen in your workplace. Starting from the group meetings to the one-on-one, they are a complete waste of your potential timeout. And collectively, around 25% of your office time and work efficiency goes down the drain. But if you think this way, then it will only come out that meetings are evil. Eventually, they are not.

Keyways to increase the efficiency of your meeting

  • Know the purpose of the meeting

The purpose of the meeting is an important part. Have a sense of what you are trying to accomplish in today’s world with the use of these meetings. This will change the dependency of the meetings. The types of meetings are also determined accordingly.

  • Understand the relevancy

Is the meeting essential? Question yourself before you raise any voice. Many meetings turn out to be celebrated in retrospect. But some of them are entirely unnecessary. The management is trying to send and tell the same thing over time. Instead of a meeting, you can have a conference call. So that you can put the Bluetooth speaker and then conduct your activities while you are listening to others speak.

  • Prepare an agenda for the whole meeting

Without an agenda, the entire assembly is a waste. Surely you will have to waste your time, but it is essential to write a list and then conduct the session. An excellent time management tool can create a perfect program for you. Start with the sentence with, ‘we are having this meeting because….’ and then conclude with something.

  • Know when to start and stop

A meeting can go around for ages. And by ages we mean, ages, literally. A meeting that goes around ages is not a meeting to look out for. When you have started a session, then know when to stop it. It would help if you were efficient and around the clock at the same time. Start it at eight o clock and then finish it when the time comes. Or you can start a meeting when the office begins and then finish it after 1 hour of preaching. This way, you will ensure more time.

  • Try to eliminate the unnecessary

Sure, the meetings are meant to be discuss the necessary, and to a certain extent we believe what we are discussing is necessary. However, sometime we can change our operations to effect the time we spend in meetings.

For e.g., Marketing meetings conducted for Email, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. individually can be combined by considering an Omnichannel approach tool like omnisend. This way, the time’s saved and operations-efficiency is through the rooftop.

How technology makes the meeting more efficient?

Well, technology is the key to meetings. Do you know why? Because they are the leading skill line of work, which can help you to formulate the right meeting and lead over time. It can help you to manage time as it is.

It becomes more straightforward and less stress

Over time, technology helps in understanding the importance, which can cause over meetings. Schedules are needed, and they are aligned according to the work management of the people inside the organization. If someone needs to reschedule a meeting and a new time, then there is a lot of hassle which happens. This is why technology is needed and used.

By connecting the attendees and their calendars, the booking software can access real-time availability. Plus, if you have the apps installed, then you can get a gentle reminder of the meeting. It will be perfect for you because it can help you to manage your work. Right on time, with the use of promising technology, you can make dozen of phone calls. By sending countless emails over time, you can find the time to meet them rightly.

Smart meeting rooms are more eco-friendly

Bright meeting rooms are always eco-friendly. Having lights in a meeting room can be expensive. And it is not great if you are an energy waster. With the help of these fantastic smart meeting rooms, it can benefit and decrease your overhead. And it can help a company to do their bit on its environmental end.

An eco-friendly room can be smarter to manage. This also saves someone from going around in the room and then clicking onto the lights. Something which can be time-consuming is a loss for the business.

Making meetings more immersive

Smart sessions are immersive. With the use of AI and VR, a better experience is formed for management and experts. Meeting rooms are always better at detection. It can even automatically switch sources over time, and then it can benefit the users on their end. It is an eco-friendlier way of working.

It is addedly essential to choose the right tools to get the most of it. With the tie that makes these meetings a perfect go, calendaring and collaboration are effective. And since technology is acknowledging towards an advanced lead, it can help in the formation of a target and a better organization.


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