How to Perform Cross-Browser Testing With Comparium and Why it is Important


Are you one of those developers who are working on the high platforms to develop their website? Now, are you also confused about which web testing tool to choose from the many available?

Then you are on the right blog. Here, I am going to review Comparium today as one of those epic tools which have helped me review my website. I had it made on the Selenium platform, and I was unsure whether the tools online support it or not.

But, when I started using Comparium, all my doubts vanished in thin air. And that is why, I am writing this review to let you know how awesome this online application for meeting comprehensive web testing needs today:

  • No more delays in timely updates

Firstly, when you are developing the application or any website on Selenium for automation and other features, then you will also need a similar web-testing tool. Comparium does that work for you.

Basically, it refreshes the screenshots when the codes are updated. It highlights the screen which doesn’t support the interface you intend to publish online for your website.

Hence, your time will be judiciously used, and there will be no wastage. You can even say that this platform believes in supporting the automation process for cross-browsing testing purposes.

  • Sort your screenshot in one corner

Do you know that Comparium is one of my favorite tools because it doesn’t let me browse through multiple window tabs? I just have to sit back and enter the URL of my website and enjoy the automation for testing the website I have made on Selenium to start the course of action.

By that, I mean the screenshots which will be recorded under a single URL. This helps in noting down the evidence of my website in one place.

In fact, when you use Comparium for the same purpose, you wouldn’t have to memorize the different locations of the multiple screenshots of the web testing process across various platforms simultaneously.

  • No hidden charges are involved

Another most attractive feature for Comparium is that it doesn’t ask for a subscription or a fee that you pay while using other tools online for months to come. In fact, this application is absolutely free.

You don’t have to fetch a single penny out of your pockets. Hence it is totally useful when you have made a strong and dynamic website on Selenium with a large budget, and now the whole financial status seems to be tight.

In short, this application can be used online for multiple web-testing purposes. There is also no limit for free users.

  • You don’t need to sign-up for using this application online

So, Comparium focuses entirely on the usability it provides. It doesn’t believe in wasting time or money of its regular users. Hence, you don’t even need to create an exclusive account for using this tool online.

You can simply put in the URL of the website and begin testing it by selecting the choice of the operating system and the browsers.

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