How to Remove Hair Permanently: What Are the Options?

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No matter how old you are or what your gender or ethnicity may be, everyone has hair. The problem is that some people have hair in places where they do not want it. For men, hair grows all over your body, but for women, there are fewer areas where hair is commonly found, and even in some of those common areas, some women do not want hair even in those areas.

Most resort to plucking or waxing as the choice to remove hair, but this is not a permanent solution. Instead, both women and men are looking for a clinic where they can find a permanent solution to this unwanted hair, but are worried that there are no available options for this problem. This article looks at the possibilities.

Electrolysis as Option

Electrolysis is one of the most popular options for permanent hair removal, and with good reason. In this treatment, needles are used, which apply shortwave radio frequencies directly to the hair follicles. This destroys the follicles, which are then removed with tweezers.

Electrolysis can be performed on any part of the body and works with any type of hair. This includes light-coloured hair. For it to be most effective and ensure that hair will not grow back, multiple sessions are required. The number of sessions and how often they occur depends upon the sensitivity of the person, the area of the body, and the amount of hair that is present. However, once the technician has successfully removed all the hair from the specified location, there is no longer a need for additional appointments. The hair has been permanently removed.

The cost involved depends greatly on the number of treatments necessary to eventually keep the hair from returning. However, one should understand that this is the most expensive option. Because it is a permanent solution, the cost to use the technology is a bit more expensive.

Laser Hair Removal as an Option

Laser hair removal is an option as well. In this process, a light beam is admitted from a laser that strikes the follicle, causing it to heat. As it does, it damages the follicle sac, killing the hair. This causes the hair to simply fall out.

A person can lose as much as 25% of their hair in the first treatment alone. However, one must consider that hairs do grow back. They are much lighter and less thick than they were before, but they will return, even if it is months or years later. A person should have multiple treatments between 4-6 weeks. This could potentially kill the hair follicle for good, but, at the least, it will remove the hair for an extended period.

This cost is less than what you would pay for electrolysis. Each hair removal treatment costs a little less than $300, but that price depends upon the expertise of the technician in the area of Miami one selects.

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Tweezing and Waxing

Tweezing and waxing will remove the hair, but this is not a permanent solution. All that is happening is that you are pulling the hair from the root. This means that the hair is gone for a time, but it will eventually grow back.

Why many prefer one of these options is that they are far less expensive than electrolysis or laser hair removal. In fact, you can perform waxing or tweeze on your own. A professional can do a more thorough job and keep the follicle from growing for weeks, but it is eventually going to come back.

These two options are clearly the cheapest of the four. Because you can perform these operations on your own, you may pay no more than a few dollars if you opt for a do-it-yourself treatment.

Which works for you the Best?

In terms of a permanent hair removal solution, electrolysis is your best option. This is also the most expensive option, as it takes multiple treatments to successfully remove the hair for good. It can be used in all areas of your body, making it a good choice as well.

For those who want a cheaper option that is nearly as good, laser hair removal is the option. There are great clinics in the Miami area that specialize in this type of treatment for hair removal. Find best laser hair removal in Miami They use proven technology that is quite successful in removing hair for a prolonged period, many months, in fact. It is not a permanent solution, but one you can be sure that will work well.

That leaves you with making a choice of paying more but never needing to have to receive a treatment ever again or choosing to spend a little less with the likelihood of needing to get a treatment in the future. That is a decision you must make for yourself. Learn More About best hair removal in Montreal

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