How to Use an Animated Video Creator to Make an Effective Presentation

How to Use an Animated Video Creator to Make an Effective Presentation

Creating an effective presentation is beyond the concept and your ability to break it down. As the name suggests, it is all about how you present the concept. It takes time to make a good presentation.

No matter how good your idea is, if it is presented in a boring way, it is doomed to fail. One way to create an effective and engaging presentation is to use an animated video maker.

An animated video grabs your audience’s attention and maintains it till the end. This post explores steps in using an animated video creator to make an effective and highly engaging presentation.

What is the Best Animated Video Creator to Use?

If you type “animated video creator” into a search engine on the internet, you will be amazed at the sheer number of options that will come up. There are dozens of animation makers in the market, and it can get tiring sifting through the lot to find the best option.

You are probably reading this post because you are yet to find the perfect tool to use in making an attention-grabbing presentation. A leading cartoon animation video maker we always recommend to users is Doratoon. It is an effective tool with tons of features to make your video presentation a bang.

Doratoon: The Best Animated Video Creator

Doratoon is a top-class animated video maker with a plethora of features and digital assets. It offers users millions of animations, templates, stock props, images, backgrounds, stock footage, music, and soundtracks.

Its features are numerous, giving you everything you need to create your presentation on the spot. It does not matter the kind of industry you are in, Doratoon offers thousands of templates covering different professional paths.

You will find templates specifically premade for Marketing & Sales, Human Resources, Education, Fashion, Hospitality, and more. Whether you want to create a simple but stylish presentation or a thematic presentation with lots of infographics, charts, graphs, and more, Doratoon has the resources you need.

How to Use Doratoon to Create Video Presentations

Using Doratoon is super easy. It takes three steps to create your video presentation on the platform. It is web-based, which means you can complete your presentation design online within minutes. Here are the steps for how to make presentation video with Doratoon:

Step 1: Sign up for an account on the official Doratoon website. It is free to create an account on the site.

Step 2: Select a template from any of the categories listed on the platform. You can use the filter menu to find the perfect premade template to suit your presentation needs.

Step 3: Import your PowerPoint presentation to your template and use the editing tools to incorporate it into the chosen templates. You can rearrange the slides; add animated characters, voiceover, or soundtrack. You can also select a voice character for your audio if you do not have a voiceover recording.e

These are the three steps to create a video presentation on Doratoon. You can easily drag and drop the design elements and explore the different editing tools to beautify your presentation. After customizing the template, preview the video and download it on your computer.

You can present it in a live presentation or share it with your target audience online. There you have the simple solution to how to make animated video using Doratoon.

What are the Key Features of Doratoon?

So, we have emphasized that Doratoon is feature-rich and has everything you need to inspire your creativity and make your video. It is time to explore these key features to enable you to understand what you get when you use the software.

  •  Customization Templates

Doratoon boasts thousands of customizable templates covering different industries. These categories include Business, Marketing & Sale, Education, HR & Training, Whiteboard Video, Modern Edge Presentation, Social Media, Holiday & Event, and more.

Each template is premade and all you have to do is customize it to suit your presentation. Simply import your content and use the editing tool to organize the frames and slides.

  •  Extensive Library of Digital Assets

Everything you need to spice up your presentation is available on Doratoon. The platform boasts over 100 million animated characters, 2D & 3D animated backgrounds, stock props, stock video clips and photos, and more.

You can explore these assets to add beauty to your presentation. It is worth mentioning that most of these digital assets are royalty-free, which means you can use them for free.

  • AI Drawing

Creating whiteboard animation videos on Doratoon is a breeze with the Artificial Intelligence Drawing. Whatever concept you have to draw, this feature accurately predicts the shape or image when you sketch it.

It does not matter how bad you are at drawing, AI Drawing takes care of the real work while you can get busy with developing the concept. Of course, this feature is not only for whiteboard animations. You can use it in any presentation format requiring drawing.

  • AI Dubbing

It is easy to add voiceover to your presentation with the AI Dubbing feature. You only need to upload your note in the text to your presentation template and select a voice character. The voice will render the text in your preferred voice and layer it on your presentation.

You can adjust the tempo and speed of the voice for clarity. Doratoon also lets you use the speech-to-text feature to subtitle your presentation. With this, everyone can follow your presentation by reading the text and listening to the voice.

Final Thought: Use Doratoon to Make Effective Video Presentations

Making video presentations does not have to be a herculean task. With the right animated video maker, you can create a powerful and highly engaging video presentation within minutes.

Doratoon is a leading animated video creator offering extensive templates, animated characters, and royalty-free digital assets. You can explore all these to create appealing and effective presentations.

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