How Translation Agencies Continue to Adapt and Evolve in 2020

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By far, translation agencies have been doing quite well in terms of providing the necessary translation services to many businesses, both big and small. However, as technology is advancing and times are changing quickly with increased globalization, this specific niche has to adapt and evolve with the changes to survive.

As the translation industry is getting popular, the competition between different agencies has increased. And if you do not want to stay behind the curve, One such trend is online medical translations which has substantially grown over the years due to the popularity of medical tourism in various countries around the world that offer quality, yet affordable health care services to critically ill patients, globally. you have to adapt to a few trends that will help you evolve as a business in the coming years.

If you want to know how and what translation agencies are doing to adapt and evolve in 2020, read further below. You will come across the emerging trends that are changing the practices and standards for good, and many translation agencies are already adapting to the changes.

1. Content Localization

Content localization consists of strategies that involve curtailing content to a specific region in order to gain local traffic. Translation agencies must adopt and follow this trend as businesses that require website translations are keenly focusing on content localization. It will help them build a reputable brand image and earn popularity. Content localization does not involve translating each piece of content; instead, it focuses on localizing all of the content to make it readable and understandable for a specific audience.

2. Automated Translations

The work involved in translation agencies is such that businesses and people would like to get their translated documents or website in a day or so to continue their business. This requires translation agencies to use automated translations. Hence, they won’t need much working staff to get the job done faster. Clients would prefer to get in touch with an agency that is efficient and does not delay its submissions. This gives translators the opportunity to focus on other ways to improve the translation agency, such as working on the quality and expanding their services.

3. Machine Translation and Post-Editing (MTPE)

2020 is the year of MTPE; translation agencies are moving towards MTPE, which includes machine translations that help them translate the first draft faster and then move on to the editing stage. MTPE is the best form of artificial intelligence (AI) that every translation agency should be using if they are looking for different ways and techniques to achieve faster results.

4. Achieve Consistency Using Technology

Consistency is the only thing that will help translation agencies strive in the industry with so many changes and growing demands. It is quite open to interpretation, allowing translators to maintain their consistency through technology. Consistency through technology is specifically important for agencies when it comes to dealing with high-end projects. It will help agencies provide quality services while meeting industry standards.

5. Video Translations

Many people like watching videos about different things instead of reading about them. This pattern has grown rapidly within a few years. People prefer video content over reading material, and this is why many translation agencies are now providing video translation services that include dubbing, voice-overs, and subtitling. This is one of the most important trends that every translation agency should adapt to as it will only grow in the coming years.


Every year, new trends emerge across various industries, including the translation services niche, due to changes in technology, inventions, and globalization. These trends help translation agencies evolve and grow as a successful industry. It is best to hire an agency that keeps evolving and adapting to these trends. Circle translations are among the few translation agencies that have already incorporated a few of these trends. They are continuing to evolve further to provide their clients with the best high-quality services. Hence, you can trust them with all your translation needs.

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