Instagram Re-targeting Campaigns Will Raise Traffic To Fashion Site

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Just as there are several different platforms for you to choose to encourage the social followers to visit your site and increase the traffic, there is also an equally large number of tools that you can use to gain the maximum mileage.

For example:

  • You can use the Facebook Ad Manager to post alluring ads and manage them proficiently to reach out to more followers on this social platform
  • You can use the Snapchat Stories feature to represent your product and brand to the users in the best possible way

You can use different useful tools of Instagram as well to reach out to more followers without even having to buy real Instagram likes. Then there is Pinterest and LinkedIn as well that are also equally popular social media channels that you can use for your business and product promotion purpose.

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Whether you use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool or run a contest on Instagram, the power of the social media platforms in this modern world of business marketing, including fashion brands, is hard to ignore.

These social media channels will help you in all aspects of your business marketing, such as:

  • Creating the best content to post
  • Automate your postings so that you reach out to the right audience at the right time
  • Increase the traffic to your site by directing the social followers to it
  • Increase your sales prospects and close the deals with an easy check out process.

All these social media platforms have their respective followers in millions, and the respective features will help you to tap them most effectively to drive them towards your fashion site. With these features, these social media channels help marketers and other professionals to find their prospects and build a strong relationship with them.

Reasons to use Instagram

Let the Instagram stats do all the talking to prove that this is a phenomenal platform for the fashion brands to grow the number of followers, traffic to their site, and, in turn, their sales.

  • More than 62% of followers choose brands through Instagram
  • Out of them, 54% prefer a brand that offers new things
  • 48% of followers like a brand that has entertaining content
  • 65% of followers feel honored if the brand likes their post
  • About 41% of users follow a brand that offers perks and giveaways
  • More than 70% of Instagram users want to take part in a contest
  • 37% of people follow up to 5 brands on Instagram and 32% even more than that and
  • 78% of consumers make a buying decision based on the social media presence of a brand.

Therefore, there is nothing better and more productive than to post on Instagram if you really want to make your fashion brand and business success.

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Instagram re-targeting campaigns

According to research, it is demonstrated that on average, marketers who use one or many of these social media channels for their brand promotion purpose typically experience the following:

  • There are at least 45% more openings created
  • It is 51% more likely to achieve their business goals
  • The marketing efforts are 80% more productive
  • There are three times more chances to build a partnership.

All these scopes and possibilities are even more when you use Instagram for your business and brand promotion. This unique photo and video sharing platform will increase your site traffic as well as the sales possibilities. You will have a unique opportunity to gain more visibility and engagement in the form of a dialogue with your customers.

One most effective way is to run an Instagram retargeting campaign. This will improve the effectiveness of the Instagram ads even further. It will be far easier to engage the followers who have visited your site already, which is a sure sign of showing some interest in your brand.

Re-targeting is a process to create advertisements that specifically target the visitors of a site who leave without performing any action, such as making a purchase. Initially launched by Facebook in 2015, this useful feature was added to Instagram Ads in 2016.

Use features that convert

In addition to increasing the traffic to your site, you can also increase the sales of your fashion products on Instagram. You will have to use the features that are proven to convert for you. Ideally, there are three specific ways in which you can drive traffic and sales, such as:

  • Tagging your products in Instagram Stories and posts
  • Using the Instagram Stories swipe-up feature and
  • Driving social traffic through the link included in the Instagram bio.

However, it entirely depends on the type of audience you are targeting on this platform, which is known to have all different types of audiences, as to which particular method you will use to drive more sales. Hence, you should experiment with each to find out the one that works best for you.

Preview the upcoming products

If you want to increase the sales prospects, you will need to post relevant content that will raise their interest to know more about you and your product and visit your website by clicking on the links provided. Therefore, you will need to boost the hype of a specific product that you are about to launch.

  • The best way to do so is by posting a quick product image and
  • Also, add a caption that is intriguing enough to make the viewers click on the link.

When you choose a caption, make sure that it is relevant to your new design and also updates the followers on the development process of the product.

Use Instagram Shoppable Posts

When it comes to posting on Instagram, Shoppable posts are the best thing to use. This new feature will give the people a chance to shop natively within the app. This makes a lot of sense while creating an impact in the minds of the users.

This feature will also make it easier for you to reach your consumers, which comes with a small shopping bag icon that the users can tap to view the products. Use tags and hashtags to optimize your post and activate the Shop tab on your profile.

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