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TheOneSpy cell phone tracker app

Are you worried about the excessive mobile phone use of your children? Do the unusual texting behavior of your teenage makes you suspicious? Do you feel anxious about the unsupervised trips of your kid? You can set all your worries to rest with the use of TheOneSpy app. It is a cell phone tracking app that enables parents to keep track of mobile phone devices of offspring. Once you install the app on your kid’s Android phone, you can monitor and control it through your own mobile phone. Get your kid’s device installed with TheOneSpy cell phone tracker app and your phone with TOS navigator app to start phone tracking without any inconvenience

TOS Navigator App

TOS navigator app is a newly designed app of TheOneSpy that enables users to track and operate the targeted phone without repeated logins to a web portal. Once you install the navigator app on your phone, you can directly control the targeted device through the app. It works like the web portal or the online control panel of TheOneSpy and makes tracking process speedier. Using this app, parents can enjoy the following features to keep track of every cell phone activity of kids.

Track Messages

Do you want to read conversations of your children without accessing their phones? The TOS navigator app lets you access all chats in the form of SMS, MMS and instant messages right on your own cell phone. You can also access the contact information of message senders and receivers to find out who is in contact with your kids.

Call Recording

The phone calls received and made by your children through their monitored devices get automatically recorded by the monitoring app. You can listen to these calls right from the navigator app. It also provides access to contact numbers of callers and recipients. If parents want to block incoming calls from certain numbers, they can do so with the help of navigator software.

Live Screen Recording

The cell phone spy software lets you see what appears on your kid’s phone screen. Irrespective what app your kid is using, you can supervise all phone activities without accessing the phone. With a single command sent via the navigator app, you can make the targeted gadget start capturing screen. The software also offers screenshots to capture phone screen with a certain gap.

Monitor Social Apps

The surveillance app for android tablets allows supervising use of social apps including Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Tumblr, Telegram, Skype, Tinder, Kik, WeChat, Yahoo messenger, Zalo, IMO and Viber. Parents can access their kids’ social media posts, chats and media files without accessing their devices.

Remote Control Camera

You can watch the surroundings of your kids by turning the cameras of their phone on. You can send a command to the phone to turn on front or back cameras to watch the surrounding scenes which can also be captured in the form of videos or photos.

Remote Control MIC

Do you want to listen to what your kids are talking about? Turn on the microphone of their monitored devices to listen to the surrounding sounds via TOS app. You can send multiple commands for voice recording to extend the duration of spying on surrounding sounds.

Find Whereabouts

TOS app lets you stay updated about the whereabouts of your loved ones. You can find out the exact current GPS location of your kid anytime from the spy app. You can also mark specific locations to get notifications about your kid’s entrance and exit from those locations.

Supervise Internet Use

The supervision of the mobile phone internet use is important to restrict your kids from visiting age-inappropriate sites. The spyware app provides access to the internet browsing history of kid’s device to let you evaluate the internet use of your offspring.

Access Passwords

The surveillance program lets you trace pin codes, pattern locks and passwords of your kids by capturing the lock screen. You can also access passwords of online accounts by getting access to recorded keystrokes.

Remote Control Apps

Are you concerned about your kid using age-inappropriate apps? The android tracker software lets you control apps installed on the phone by letting you block, unblock or uninstall apps without accessing the device.

TOS navigator app makes it easier and speedier to keep track of mobile phone use of children. You can know more about this software.

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