Know the Most Important SEO Tips to Rank Your Website

Know the Most Important SEO Tips to Rank Your Website

Many changes have emerged in the world of search engine optimization(SEO). And you should acquaint yourself with the latest changes to run successful SEO campaigns. However, even with the changes, some fundamental concepts remain static.

Consider the typical case of using keywords. Today, you will not see any success if you target keywords with the only intent of increasing organic rankings. But, what will work is choosing the right keywords.

You might tend to believe that keywords are for ranking purposes only. But their role spans beyond ranking web pages. If you examine the successful keywords, you will know a lot about the corresponding users and their struggling points.

There can be a struggle for you in your SEO campaigns. You might find it challenging to choose the SEO techniques for your campaign as there are many techniques today.

Interestingly, you cannot escape focussing on the best techniques to improve your search rankings. So, let us walk through the methods you should implement in your SEO campaign. Read on:

Do Not Let Your Site Slow Down

Before you start your SEO campaign, you should remember that site speed is an essential factor, and a slow site will hamper your campaign. A slow website can make your website disappear from the search engine results page.

A slow page disappoints visitors, so they leave the page. Statistics show that around 40 percent of visitors leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. And when visitors leave a website, the prospects of your products getting sold becomes low. So in that way, you will lose business.

You will never find your website in the top search engine results with a slow website, regardless of how good your content is and great website design.

So, what you should do is, remove all items that slow down your website. For example, if you use WordPress, deactivate the unnecessary plugins, declutter the sidebar, and put only the essential widgets.

Remember that if your website takes an additional 0.5 seconds to load, it will chase away visitors from your site. Therefore, even if you improve your website speed by 0.5 seconds, you will see a substantial increase in the number of visitors to your site.

Link to Other Websites

Do not think that it might take people out of your page if you link out to relevant pages. The reality is that building links is one of the core principles of SEO campaigns.

But, ensure that you link out to pages that offer exceptional value. However, link building is all about quality, not quantity.

Many professionals tend to create content with keywords to rank higher in search engine results. But what they do is undermine the quality of the content. It is a mistake. You should ensure that you create engaging and valuable content.

Likewise, many professionals still create content with the traditional keywords to see their websites higher in search engine rankings. Unfortunately, they do not use long-tail keywords, but that is a mistake they realize late.

Use long-tail keywords in your content which will help your website rank higher in search engine results.

Let Trustworthy Sites Link to Your Website

Inbound links are one of the most important criteria for Google to rank web pages in search engine results.

Google will reward a natural link profile, which you can generate by combining dofollow and nofollow links.

Content can be effective only if it is of high quality, engaging and valuable. If you publish such content, people will link to your website. They can even go a bit further by sharing your content on social media.

Therefore, check your content. If it is not valuable, replace it with valuable content.

Impactful link building involves creating valuable content and linking your page to authoritative blogs. Then, you could see more people linking back to you.

Track Web Analytics

Formulating and actuating an SEO strategy is not enough. You need to track whether it is working or not. Then, even if it is working, you need to evaluate its efficiency.

Google Analytics or Google Search Console can help you to monitor the performance of your SEO campaign. Besides, there are other web analytics software solutions to help you. For example, you can get tools to show you the locations where your site visitors are clicking and how they go away from your site.

Write Unique Meta Descriptions

Neglecting a well-written meta description is a mistake. So, avoid it. Write it in such a way that it sums up the entire focus of your page content. The meta description is the first thing about your page people get to see when Google shows the page in search results.

Avoid using duplicate content because Google does favour pages with such content. But, if there is a need to write a paragraph or a sentence from another site, you can write it. But do not forget to link back to the source. But, do not make publishing duplicate content your regular practice. If you do so, you will attract Google’s wrath.

Likewise, duplicate meta descriptions can be problematic. Again, you might not get penalized by Google, but you will not provide a good user experience.

Refrain from having the same meta description on different pages. Instead, ensure that your meta descriptions communicate about the topics on the respective pages.

Use the Right Keywords in Images

Do not undermine the role of images in SEO success. But, use the right keywords for image names and the accompanying texts because people search images with keywords. If you do not have competent in-house resources to run successful SEO campaigns, you can hire an agency that provides effective SEO consulting services for the purpose.

Create Unique Content

Most professionals face challenges in creating engaging and unique content for their SEO campaigns. But, you should not publish duplicate content as that will go against Google’s criteria for ranking websites higher in search results. Unique content is one of the factors for Google to consider pages for higher search results.

Avoid Changing Domain Names Frequently

The age of your domain is one of the factors that Google considers when ranking a web page in search engine results. The more aged your domain, the more favour it will receive from Google.

As such, do not frequently change your domain name. Instead, change it only when it is necessary.


Running a successful SEO campaign is necessary due to ranking your page higher in search engine results. But, it often happens that many SEO professionals make some mistakes, which jeopardizes their efforts to run successful SEO campaigns. You should not allow such mistakes to happen. And, we believe that this article will help you to keep such errors at bay.


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