More Luxury Apartments Offering Smart Home Features


Many Dallas-area movers and shakers are convinced that the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is on the verge of becoming a dominant player in attracting new and relocating companies. They are looking at a possible influx of companies and professionals from both coasts, most notably California and New York. To that end, local builders are suddenly in love with the idea of building luxury apartments outfitted with the latest smart home features.

Texas has undergone quite a few growth spurts over the last 50 years. Houston and Dallas have both been beneficiaries of that growth. Now however, Dallas-Fort Worth expects to take advantage of a new wave of growth that could make the area the up and coming place to be within the next decade.

Building Bigger in Texas

Needless to say that all of this expected growth should increase the demand for luxury apartments. And according to Bisnow, there are a number of important projects already underway. From a $65 million luxury building on Fort Worth’s West Rosedale St. to an equally impressive residential tower overlooking the Dallas Cowboys complex, builders are building big and luxurious.

It has been said that everything in Texas is big. So it is no surprise to see what builders are doing with their luxury apartment buildings. It is also not surprising that smart home technology is part of the plan. Builders want their luxury apartments rented long term. They do not want tenants coming and going with annual frequency.

One way to keep tenants in place is to give them so many luxury amenities that they would never want to leave. Give them in an apartment that they could never afford to purchase on their own. That is the ticket. And for many builders, smart home devices are part of that luxury package.

Smartphone Home Control

So what can tenants expect from these new luxury apartments in Dallas-Fort Worth? For starters, several of the projects described by Bisnow give tenants the freedom to control many aspects of their homes using their smartphones. We will start with door locks.

Imagine leaving your luxury apartment to go down to one of the on-site restaurants for a fancy dinner. You really don’t want to carry a set of keys in your pocket. But wait, you don’t have to. You will have your phone with you.

As you exit the elevator on the way back to your apartment, you open a smartphone app and do a quick swipe. Your door is unlocked as you approach it. No need for keys. No need for interrupting that conversation with your companion. Just open the door and walk in.

Thermostats and Lighting

Smart door locks are just the beginning. Tenants will also be able to manage their thermostats and lighting with their smartphones. According to Vivint Smart Home, it’s quite possible that thermostats will be ‘smart’ thermostats in the sense that they can learn and adjust to a tenant’s lifestyle.

The great thing about smart thermostats is that you program them once and forget about them. You would only need to deal with your thermostat again if you had a reason to override its programming. For day-to-day living though, the thermostat handles itself without your input.

It would not be surprising to see builders incorporate a whole bunch of smart home features not discussed in this post. After all, building luxury apartments is about giving tenants everything they could possibly dream of. Smart homes will be the homes of the future. For those who can afford luxury apartments in Dallas-Fort Worth, the future is available right now.

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